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Axis’ FA Series: The new player in multi-view surveillance?

Monitor multiple areas discreetly using the Axis FA SeriesRecently showcased at ISC West 2017 in April, the new modular FA Series by Axis could provide an answer to the IP camera market’s demand for multi-view surveillance in discreet scenarios. Consisting of separately-sold sensor modules and a main unit, this interesting series will allow you to cost-effectively monitor up to four closely situated areas – using just one camera system.

The series is designed around a ‘divided-camera’ concept, and its FA54 main unit can stream IP video at full frame rate from up to four sensor modules simultaneously – using just a single IP address. This means that you will only require a single core or universal device licence when integrating the system into Axis Camera Station 5 VMS – offering significant cost savings when it comes to viewing and recording.

The FA54 main unit can be connected to a maximum of four sensors and allows you to monitor multiple areas of a small indoor location in HD 1080p resolution. It has the capacity to support advanced video analytics and also features a handy HDMI output for live streaming to a local HD monitor. Wide dynamic range (WDR) – Forensic Capture is included to help ensure details are visible in both bright and dark areas. These highly detailed images can be of particular use if footage is ever required for evidential investigation – such as when trying to identify a person or object.

Three different sensor modules are available to choose from; the Axis FA1105 which features a standard lens, the Axis FA1125 pinhole lens and the Axis FA4115 dome unit with a varifocal lens. All offer different viewing angles – providing you with the flexibility to build a surveillance system that can meet your exact viewing requirements. The sensors’ compact form factor also allows them to be easily installed into tight spaces, or even at eye level – whilst remaining discreet. This is especially beneficial for retail or financial businesses where unobtrusive surveillance is key.

Flexible video surveillance

Supplied with a detachable cable, each sensor in the series can be placed up to 8m away from the main unit (an optional 12m cable is also available). This provides flexible installation options – allowing you to completely tailor the layout of your camera system.

We may only know the basics of the series so far, but it certainly has the potential to become a popular and affordable choice for many business applications. We’ll be interested however, to see how this new offering will be differentiated against the current Axis ‘F Series’ which is still a popular choice for those requiring versatile and discreet installation options.

The Axis FA Series is due to launch in May 2017 and we will keep you posted as soon as they arrive at Network Webcams.

Published on April 20th, 2017 by Network Webcams

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