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Panasonic’s Elite range features 9 ‘go-to’ choices for high-performance IP CCTV

Panasonic highlight 9 'go-to' IP cameras in their Elite rangePanasonic has made the task of choosing a suitable IP camera from their extensive product catalogue a little easier by creating their new Elite range. It’s an interesting collection of 9 popular models, each one chosen to deliver high performance IP CCTV that you can rely on.

Panasonic’s announcement of an Elite range piqued our interest. Which models had been picked and what were the criteria? We decided to group the feature-sets and take a closer look at just what is on offer in this newly labelled assortment.

Panasonic True 4K

See every detail with these Panasonic 4K modelsThe WV-SFV781L dome and WV-SPV781L box IP cameras ensure you capture every detail, delivering smooth 4K Ultra HD video at full frame rate. Each features handy 6x optical zooming for real-time investigation into specific areas of interest and a vandal-resistant, IK10-rated housing with a rain wash coating that prevents water droplets or dirt adhering to the lens cover.

Designed to deliver detail-packed footage in large and exposed areas, we see these advanced units being best suited to demanding applications such as city surveillance, arenas or airports.

360° domes

Eliminate blind spots with this vandal-resistant domesProviding 9MP hemispheric overviews at up to 15 frames per second (fps), the indoor WV-SFN480 and outdoor WV-SFV481 vandal-resistant domes let you see the full picture. You can view the original 360° image with less distortion by using of the “Quad” or “Panorama” viewing modes, and Panasonic’s intelligent extension software is also available – providing additional analytics such as people counting or heat mapping.

These models not only deliver comprehensive area coverage of indoor or outdoor locations, they’re ideal to team up with another camera to eliminate blind spots in open plans areas.

Vandal-resistant domes

Indoor and outdoor vandal-resistant domesNever miss a move with these robust dome IP cameras, all of which are capable of capturing clear HD 1080p video at a maximum of 60 fps. Both the indoor units (WV-S2231L and WV-SFR631L) and outdoor variants (WV-S2531LN and WV-SFV631L) feature integrated infrared (IR) illumination, as well as Smart IR technology that adjust LED intensity to optimally illuminate a scene – preventing overexposure and saturation. On top of this, the WV-S2231L and WV-S2531LN both support the new H.265 compression format which offers further reductions on bandwidth and storage over the currently well established H.264 format.

We think these fully featured IP cameras will tick the boxes for a wide variety of small to medium size businesses.

All-weather bullet

Bullet 'all-rounder' IP camera from PanasonicPanasonic completes their Elite range with the outdoor-ready WV-SPW532L bullet IP camera. This compact unit delivers detailed HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second, complete with infrared illumination and Smart IR technology for high quality images – 24 hours a day. Multiple imaging technologies including High Light Compensation are supported and contribute towards the delivery of clear IP video in challenging lighting conditions.

We see this affordable, ‘all-rounder’ bullet being a top choice for any small retail or hospitality business.

Features they all share

All of the nine models in the range feature Auto Back Focus (ABF) technology which simplifies installation and allows accurate focus to be maintained in both day and night modes – providing clear imaging round-the-clock. Smart Coding technology is also included to help save on data storage as well as streaming costs without sacrificing image clarity. Additionally, the Panasonic Secure Communication feature is now available in all 5, 6 and True 4K Series cameras to protect against spoofing (false data), video tampering and altering (changing images), and snooping (stealing passwords) by protecting IP surveillance communications.

The ones to watch

Most of the models in the Panasonic Elite range have been available at Network Webcams for a little while already. We think Panasonic have chosen well putting the range together and indeed, the WV-SFV631L vandal-resistant dome and the WV-SPW532L all-weather bullet appeared in our outdoor static ”Top 10” list well before they were labelled as part of the “Elite range”.

The two newer models that use H.265 compression are worth looking out for – the vandal-resistant domes WV-S2231L and WV-S2531LN. We’ll see more and more units using the new coding standard in the year ahead.

Published on March 21st, 2017 by Network Webcams

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