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Bosch introduces new feature-packed FLEXIDOME and DINION Starlight models

Bosch's latest Starlight dome and bullet IP camerasSince the announcement back in September 2016 that Bosch would be expanding their FLEXIDOME and DINION ranges, we have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of these new models. Finally, the DINION Starlight 6000/7000 and FLEXIDOME Starlight 6000/7000 VR units are now available – aiming to offer high-performance security surveillance in the most demanding conditions.

The new IP66-rated vandal-resistant domes, indoor box IP cameras and outdoor box bundles are available in either HD 1080p or HD 720p versions and can capture high quality IP video, round-the-clock at up to 60 frames per second. This allows fast moving objects to be captured with less motion blur – delivering smooth and detailed video footage that can be useful in busy scenes where identification is a top priority.

All models are equipped with a handful of established Bosch imaging technologies that help to deliver clear HD video – regardless of lighting conditions or time of day. Extended Dynamic Range mode increases the levels of detail that are visible in both bright and dark areas, while Bosch’s Starlight technology uses a combination of high-performance noise reduction and advanced sensor technology to increase light sensitivity – delivering full colour images in near darkness. Low-light video is further improved thanks to Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction which analyses the scene and reduces noise levels that are commonly seen when recording in dark conditions.


An upright video display mode is also supported which produces a cropped 9:16 vertical image. This allows you to maximise area coverage when monitoring narrow scenes and can be especially useful for locations such as school corridors or retail display aisles.

A reliable choice for any application

Following Bosch’s analytics announcement earlier last year, these IP cameras were among the first to be released with either Essential (for the new 6000 series) or Intelligent (7000 series) video analytics included. These edge-based technologies offer a comprehensive range of detection alarms that help to provide reliable and accurate security surveillance. Essential Video Analytics can be seen as Bosch’s “Standard” VMD package – suitable for any small to medium sized organisation. Meanwhile Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) offers a much more “Advanced” set of configurations alongside high levels of accuracy – ideal for more demanding applications such as critical infrastructure.

Each IVA unit also includes an integrated 6-axis gyro/accelerometer sensor that, once you set the camera height, provides the remaining information required to precisely calibrate the video analytics. In addition, accurate focus is ensured at all times thanks to Auto back-focus technology in all DINION units, and AVF (Auto varifocal feature) in each FLEXIDOME model.

The full range of FLEXIDOME IP Starlight 6000/7000 VR and DINION IP Starlight 6000/7000 models are now available at Network Webcams. Plus, with the knowledge that Bosch will only release a new technology or IP camera once they have been able to refine the design to its full potential – we expect these high-performance models will ‘do exactly what they say on the tin’.

Published on February 15th, 2017 by Network Webcams

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