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The Axis M31 series – smart and affordable IR domes

Axis M31 domes are a smart and affordable choice for any small businessAxis has responded to strong demand for compact and cost-effective infrared (IR) domes with their new M31 series.

This versatile range consists of three indoor and three outdoor models, all of which deliver clear images round-the-clock in up to 4 megapixel resolution – even in difficult lighting conditions or near darkness.

The M31 units are all equipped with an integrated, power efficient IR LED that extends the camera’s night-vision range up to 15m. Axis has also introduced an innovative flat-faced design which suppresses any light reflections that may occur from IR illumination – helping to maximise image clarity when recording in the dark. We think this interesting design feature helps the M31 series stand out from other IR domes around the same price point, but we’ve not yet tested just how much of a difference it makes in practice.

Axis has also included their powerful wide dynamic range (WDR) – Forensic Capture technology. This helps to improve the quality of images captured in high contrast scenes by lowering noise levels and increasing the image signal. Offering high-performance technologies such as this in an affordable range shows that Axis has really taken their target customer into account. These units are already being snapped up by cost-conscious high street businesses and schools looking for best value.

Flexible viewing angle and resolution options

The six models in series offer a range of different viewing angles and resolutions – giving you great flexibility when selecting the best model to suit your needs. The M3104-L(VE) models provide an 80° field of view and can capture HD 720p video, whilst high quality HD 1080p resolution and a 115° view are available in the M3105-L(VE) units. Should you require a higher resolution model with very wide area coverage, the M3106-L(VE) IP cameras offer 4MP imaging alongside a 130° viewing angle.

Every model in the range features an adjustable housing, as well as a handy 3-axis mount to help simplify installation and allow you to manually adjust the lens in order to set your desired view easily. As always, Axis has included the features now commonly found in any affordable dome – such as integrated microSD card storage and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support, but what’s not so common is award-winning compression technology. Axis has included Zipstream in the M31 units to significantly reduce bandwidth and storage requirements – whilst retaining possibly important details.

These feature packed Axis M31 domes are now available at Network Webcams and they’re an ideal choice for any small business – offering great bang for your buck, whilst providing the proven ‘Axis-standard’ video performance that you can rely on.

Published on February 8th, 2017 by Network Webcams

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