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Best seller IP camera contenders for 2017

List of the Best seller IP camera contenders for 2017With a continually growing catalogue of IP cameras to choose from, it can be tricky trying to decide which camera is the best fit for your requirements. As always, our aim is to make it easier for the customer to find the right camera and we recently brought you a blog that looked back and highlighted our best selling cameras for 2016. This time, we’re narrowing the field by looking ahead and listing models that we feel have all the right attributes to make them a popular choice in 2017.

We’ve selected a variety of camera types in a broad price range, so whether you need simple monitoring for your retail store or you have more demanding surveillance requirements at a large industrial site, there’s something here of interest.

Axis M2026-LE: outdoor mini-bullet

Axis M2026-LE outdoor IP camera

Part of the M20 series, the Axis M2026-LE is a highly capable and affordable mini-bullet camera that captures 4MP resolution images and packs a host of helpful features within its ultra compact design. Equipped with a switchable IR-cut filter and built-in infrared LED illumination, the M2026-LE is suitable for 24/7 monitoring and offers up to 15m of night vision. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) – Dynamic Capture technology is also supported which intelligently combines several images, each with different exposures, to capture the details in both bright and dark areas of a scene. With a viewing angle of 130°, this camera is ideal for overviews – typical applications would be shops wanting to monitor goods delivery areas and petrol station owners who need an overview of their forecourt. At just £356, we expect this cost effective and discreet unit to be popular this year.

More details for the Axis M2026-LE

Axis M3045-V: indoor vandal-resistant mini-dome

Axis M3045-V indoor vandal-resistant mini-dome IP camera

Having a unit that is vandal-resistant can be a very important factor when choosing an IP camera, and when budget is limited, the Axis M30 series is often the go-to choice. This indoor vandal-resistant unit has an IK08 rated casing built to resist tampering and with a 106° field of view, it offers unobtrusive monitoring of wide indoor areas. The M3045-V delivers HD 1080p resolution and also includes wide dynamic range, corridor format and Zipstream technology – all inside a palm-sized mini-dome. With all these helpful features and a competitive price of just £240, it has a real chance of being a stand out model for 2017.

More details for the Axis M3045-V

Bosch Flexidome IP 5000: outdoor 5MP dome with 15m IR

Bosch Flexidome IP 5000 outdoor IP camera

Bosch has many high quality mid-range IP cameras but we will feel that the Flexidome IP outdoor 5000 has some stand out features that will make it a popular choice this year. A varifocal lens provides wide horizontal viewing angles and an automatic lens wizard simplifies installation, enabling accurate adjustment of zoom and focus for optimum coverage. Built-in infrared LEDs and an automatic filter allow this IP camera to transition from day to night mode easily with up to 15m of detailed night vision. The camera is equipped with an IK10-rated housing, making this unit more robust and providing improved protection in exposed environments. This model has already been picked up by many customers who need high quality surveillance in school grounds, car parks and logistics depots – we expect that to continue.

More details for the Bosch Flexidome IP 5000

Bosch Autodome Starlight 7000: high performance outdoor PTZ

Bosch Autodome Starlight 7000 outdoor PTZ Camera

Another Bosch camera, the Autodome Starlight 7000 outdoor PTZ is from their advanced 7000 range and is perfect for more demanding applications. While the price may be steeper than some other PTZs, it is more than justified by a wealth of high-end features. By combining HD resolution (there’s a choice of either a 720p or 1080p model) at up to 50 frames per second and Bosch’s Starlight technology, this unit can capture smooth full colour images, even in near-dark conditions. A powerful 30x optical zoom, full pan/tilt functionality and intelligent video analytics provides cutting-edge surveillance across a large area. These units are typically deployed in high security locations where the utmost situational awareness is required and we are confident that this model will be in demand for this type of application.

More details for the Bosch Autodome Starlight 7000

Sony E & V series: new ultra low-light models

Sony E & V series IP cameras

Are Sony’s E & V series IP cameras about to get a boost in popularity? As 2016 came to a close, Sony announced new high sensitivity models with Exmor R CMOS sensors, continuing to raise the bar for ultra low-light network cameras. This advanced sensor (available on all 8 new cameras) not only delivers detailed HD 1080p video, but by combining it with Sony’s existing imaging technology it can produce low-noise, ghost-free images in light-levels as low as 0.006 lux, while still maintaining colour integrity. These models will also feature integrated infrared illumination for up to 60m (E-series) or 100m (V-series) of night vision, and the E-series cameras will now include SD card recording and support for 2-way audio. By bringing together advanced sensor technology and new features, these cameras will be propelled to a higher class of all-rounder status – watch this space.

More details for the Sony E & V series

Axis Q6000-E MkII: outdoor 360° multi-sensor

Axis Q6000-E MkII outdoor multi-sensor IP camera

We have chosen another Axis camera for this list, but this time it is something a bit different. Designed for integration with any optional Axis Q60-E PTZ camera (sold separately), the innovative Q6000-E MkII consists of four 2 megapixel sensors that provide a complete 360° field of view over large areas, while simultaneously, the Q60-E camera captures more precise and detailed images – all from a single vantage point. Additionally, the handy one-click zoom feature enables you to simply click on a region of interest, and then the Q60-E camera zooms in to provide clearer detail and easier event analysis. The MkII model added manual tilt adjustment to each of the sensor modules, offering greater control when setting the desired view and Zipstream technology was also added to help reduce bandwidth and storage usage. These enhancements make this unit even more versatile than its predecessor and it should stand out in 2017 as an ideal option for surveillance in locations such as city centres, power stations and container haulage depots.

More details for the Axis Q6000-E MkII

Bosch DINION Ultra 8000: advanced indoor 4K

Bosch DINION Ultra 8000 4K IP Camera

4K is becoming more viable for use in surveillance systems and we saw an abundance of 4K resolution cameras being released by all the major brands, increasing towards the end of 2016. We expect this trend to continue so we have highlighted the Bosch DINION IP Ultra 8000 as a 4K model that will stand out from the rest. This feature packed box IP camera supports true day/night recording in 4K Ultra HD resolution at up to 30 fps for smooth, highly detailed images. With an abundance of advanced image processing technology and Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) built in, this high-end box camera offers accurate and high quality security monitoring. Another appealing factor is reliability; Bosch rigorously tests all their products before releasing them to maintain their high standards so this model should prove ideal for applications where camera up-time is critical.

More details for the Bosch DINION Ultra 8000

LILIN FD2452V: outdoor panoramic

LILIN FD2452V outdoor panoramic IP camera

This panoramic outdoor IP camera is a highly capable offering from LILIN, with a host of features including wide dynamic range, IR-cut filter, 3D noise reduction technology, IK08 vandal-resistant and IP54 weather-resistant casing making it ideal for deployment in exposed areas that require 24/7 monitoring. This dome camera provides full 360° coverage in HD 1080p resolution and by using dewarping hardware technology, the unit corrects its fisheye view, allowing four independent views to be displayed for easy-to-use overview monitoring. Panoramic technology often comes at a price but at £621, LILIN keeps the cost down for a more affordable option. In one of our recent blogs we noted how we were pleased to see LILIN offering a real alternative to Hikvision for cameras in this class and this year we expect the FD2452V to do the same.

More details for the LILIN FD2452V

Axis P3225-LVE MkII: outdoor dome with Lightfinder

Axis P3225-LVE MkII outdoor dome lightfinder IP camera

The final Axis camera on our list is part of the popular and durable mid-range P32 series. The P3225-LVE delivers HD 1080p video surveillance round-the-clock with built-in infrared (IR) illumination providing up to 30m of night vision in complete darkness, but it’s the addition of Lightfinder in the MkII model that we think will make this model one to watch in 2017. Axis’ Lightfinder technology improves low-light performance so the camera will continue to record in colour at lower light levels before switching to infrared. The compact unit is housed in a robust IK10 vandal-resistant and IP66 ingress-rated casing which protects the camera from rain, dust, tampering and vandalism. A varifocal lens with remote focus tops off an impressive feature list and makes this unit a particularly versatile option for use in exposed areas such as bus stations, college campuses and builders’ merchant yards.

More details for the Axis P3225-LVE MkII

Hikvision DS-2CD4D26FWD-IZS: outdoor Darkfighter dome

Hikvision DS-2CD4D26FWD-IZS outdoor Darkfighter dome IP camera

While this may look like your standard, affordable Hikvision low-light dome camera, this model has something a bit different. This is the first Hikvision camera to introduce an innovative bubble design which separates the lens and IR LEDs with an internal wall to help prevent IR rays reflecting back onto the lens when dust or water settles on the surface of the dome. When this is combined with other imaging technology such as noise reduction and backlight compensation, you are presented with a clearer, high quality image. This model also has a varifocal lens for optimum scene coverage and makes use of Darkfighter technology to capture colour images in low light. The IP66-rated casing means that this unit is suitable for a range of outdoor applications and we expect it to be a popular choice this year for the buyer on a budget that’s looking for an affordable low-light dome.

More details for the Hikvision DS-2CD4D26FWD-IZS


All these cameras have caught our eye for one reason or another and the list is by no means definitive, but if you’re looking around right now for new network cameras, it’s a great place to start.

With the pace of IP camera technology development picking up in the last 12 months, we’re sure that there’ll be some other contenders during the year that haven’t even been announced yet! As always, we’ll keep you updated.

Published on January 25th, 2017 by Network Webcams

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