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Axis’ high-performance Q6155-E PTZ introduces laser focus technology

Axis Q6155-E laser focus technologyuConventional PTZ cameras may take longer to autofocus in difficult lighting conditions and this can result in a loss of detail during the time taken to achieve optimum focus.

Using Axis’ innovative laser focus technology, in combination with a host of other advanced features, the new Axis Q6155-E offers clear imaging as well as faster and more precise focusing – even in the most demanding conditions.

Laser focus utilises the camera’s integrated laser to measure the distance between the camera and objects of interest – regardless of lighting conditions. This method is much more exact than the auto-focus techniques currently used in most other cameras and the measurement is taken instantly too. This means the unit is always optimally focused and delivers clear images at all times. Laser focus is not currently available in other PTZ domes on the market today. However, if the technology stands up to claims of offering improvements in PTZ performance and instant identification of people or objects – we can see it being rolled out in the next generation of high-end PTZ units by Axis.

The Q6155-E is suitable for indoor or outdoor deployment and features a sleek housing that can be re-painted to better blend in with its surroundings for unobtrusive surveillance. It also includes a selection of handy features to ensure the capture of sharp, HD 1080p video in any weather or lighting condition. Full colour video is delivered in extreme low-light levels using Axis Lightfinder technology, and ‘Speed Dry’ vibrates the dome at a high speed to remove water droplets more quickly than evaporation alone. Zipstream technology is also included to help lower bandwidth and storage requirements while retaining potential forensic details.

Advanced PTZ monitoring

Part of Axis’ premium Q61 range, the camera offers full pan/tilt functionality alongside a powerful 30x optical zoom which allows you to precisely navigate across large locations and also examine specific areas in close detail. Furthermore, Sharpdome technology extends the vertical field of view – enabling the camera to ‘look-up’ and monitor objects as much as 20° above the horizon. This increased area coverage is suitable for scenes that feature uneven terrain and also reduces the amount of units required to monitor areas with differences in altitude – keeping hardware costs down.

On top of this, ONVIF support allows for easy integration into existing systems and third-party applications can be installed via Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP) – allowing you to maximise the camera’s capabilities and increase levels of functionality.

Now available at Network Webcams, we see the Axis Q6155-E being an ideal solution for a range of demanding sectors including critical infrastructure, city surveillance, logistics and education.

Published on January 11th, 2017 by Network Webcams

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