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Archive for 2016

Axis boost the performance of their latest high-end Q60 PTZ cameras

August 5th, 2016 by Network Webcams

Axis Q60 series PTZThe latest Q60 PTZ cameras from Axis will include features for improved performance and efficiency, ensuring this top-of-the-line series continues to be a reliable choice for demanding video surveillance applications.

The Axis Q6052/-E and Q6054/-E introduce focus recall which provides instant focus in predefined areas and the Q6055/-E comes with several Axis video analytics applications already built-in for greater efficiency and added value for the user.


Milestone XProtect and Windows 10 – read this before upgrading

July 22nd, 2016 by Kevin Bowyer

Milestone XProtect and Windows 10With the July 29th deadline for the free Windows 10 upgrade you may well be considering pressing ahead with the upgrade. Windows 10, now that most of the bugs have been worked out, is a welcome improvement in most areas, especially for non-business use.

However, if you are running the Milestone XProtect VMS on a machine that you intend to upgrade, please take a pause and read on.

Important: the only version of Milestone XProtect currently fully supported by Windows 10 is XProtect 2016.


Latest high-end fixed domes from Axis will use new remote PTRZ to reduce installation time

July 4th, 2016 by Network Webcams

Axis Q36 series IP camera capable of pan, tilt and rollEver the innovators, Axis are always looking for ways to make the installation of their IP cameras more efficient. Having recently announced the introduction of an intelligent CS-mount lens for accurate optical adjustment during installation, Axis has now made physical adjustment of the lens even easier.

The new Q36 series will offer exceptional image quality and uniquely, remote pan/tilt/roll/zoom (PTRZ) will greatly reduce the time it takes to set the view during installation. The cameras’ PTRZ function also means that should surrounding conditions change and adjustments to the view are required, a site visit may not be necessary. Axis has also included a smart conduit connection and cable management but there’s more to these new cameras than quick and reliable installation.


Behavioural analytics now available in Mobotix hemispheric ceiling cameras

June 22nd, 2016 by Network Webcams

Example of Mobotix behavioural analytics U-turn eventMobotix has now made behavioural analytics available to monitor specific human and vehicular patterns of movement. Once configured, the camera can count objects or people moving in a defined corridor and the user can be notified of several different events including “Duration of stay”, “U-turn”, “Opposite direction” and “Speed”.

All Mobotix cameras have built-in analytics and although these new behavioural analytics form part of the MX Analytics suite, these new tools are only available with the c25, Q25 and S15M. This is because they’re most effective when deployed using a panoramic, top-down field of view and that typically means being mounted in a ceiling.


Axis introduce new lens technology and fast frame rates for high-end IP cameras

June 22nd, 2016 by Network Webcams

Axis Q1615-E Mk II with i-CS lensAxis will soon roll out new lens technology in the new Mk II version of the already well specified Q1615 – for both the indoor and outdoor models. The updated cameras will also include the addition of Axis’ well established Zipstream technology, predefined scene profiles and another first for Axis – HD 720p frame rates of up to 100fps.

The new Q1615 and Q1615-E will feature an intelligent CS-mount lens which can directly exchange information with the camera thanks to an open protocol, making installation and configuration quicker and easier.


Why integration is the real power behind Axis Camera Station 5

June 9th, 2016 by Network Webcams

ACS 5 and the expanding Axis product rangeAxis Camera Station has already proved itself to be a very capable and user friendly video management system – ideal for small and mid-sized installations. The latest version (ACS 5) introduced many new features including optimised rendering for 4K, multi-layer maps and a “Tree View” for easier navigation in the Live View and Recording workspaces.

All of these enhancements make ACS 5 a powerful solution for managing your IP video surveillance system, but that’s not the whole story. The real power comes from newly added support to integrate other IP devices such as door controllers, door stations, card readers and horn speakers.

We’re excited to see this because physical security measures are all far more effective when they’re linked together – but what does this actually mean for your organisation or business?


Understanding the new Axis Camera Station licence structure

May 26th, 2016 by Network Webcams

Axis Camera Station - Core and Universal licencesThe recent launch of Axis Camera Station 5 has also brought about a restructure to the licensing for this versatile Video Management Software (VMS).

At NW Systems, we’ve welcomed this latest version of Axis Camera Station (ACS 5) but we must admit the new licensing initially resulted in some perplexed expressions around the office. Axis has changed from simple channel licences to having two types of licence – core and universal. It’s a move that’s caused some confusion for end-users, particularly for those currently using the previous version of the software (ACS 4) and looking to upgrade.

The new approach to licensing may not be that intuitive but it’s certainly logical once understood – let’s take a closer look.


New Sony SNC-VB770 high sensitivity 4K network camera

April 28th, 2016 by Network Webcams

Sony SNC-VB770Sony have recently introduced the SNC-VB770 – dubbed the industry’s highest sensitivity 4K network camera. That’s quite an accolade and the datasheet certainly details some impressive specifications – the most pertinent of which is a minimum illumination level of less than 0.004 lux.

If you’re thinking “that’s almost pitch-black light conditions”, you’d be right and that means capturing clear 4K images in colour – even in extremely low light conditions. To put these light levels into perspective, it’s the darkness that you’d encounter on a starry night with no other light source or indoors with such poor lighting that it’s even a challenge for the human eye to see the object.

The camera uses a highly-sensitive 35mm full-frame Exmor sensor and optimised E-mount lenses to maximise the performance of both the sensor and its signal processing engine.


Build your own surveillance system with the Axis F series

April 27th, 2016 by Network Webcams

The Axis F series offers a very flexible way of creating a high performance IP CCTV system – complete with video management software and remote access – all without the need for a dedicated PC, server or Network Video Recorder (NVR).Axis F series hardware and Axis Camera Companion

An F series camera consists of separate HD sensor / lens units which connect to a main unit (the body of the camera) via a cable. Axis refer to this design as a ‘divided concept’ and a choice of 7 lenses offers users the flexibility to build a surveillance system to meet their exact needs.

Since the series was launched in 2014, we’ve seen the Axis F series used for a wide variety of indoor, outdoor and mobile surveillance applications. The ultra compact design and options for discreet installation make these cameras particularly popular with small office-based businesses, independent retailers and restaurants.

We’re going to show you how you can put together your own system in 3 easy steps.


Choosing an Axis T90B illuminator

April 14th, 2016 by Network Webcams

The Axis T90B illuminators are a versatile series that include both infrared and white LED models for enhanced low-light surveillance. Selection of Axis illuminators

They share many features but there are different advantages to using either infrared or white light. We overview the features and highlight the options on offer to help you choose which model is the best fit for your surveillance needs.

Features overview

All units are housed in durable IP66 and NEMA 4x-rated casings, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and a range of mounting brackets is also available for easy installation (sold separately).