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Axis updates robust Q35 range for mission critical applications

Robust Axis Q35 seriesAxis has expanded and updated their Q35 fixed-dome series to include a range of advanced features such as increased light sensitivity and improved WDR capabilities. By combining these new technologies with the existing features of the Q35 range, such as IK10+ vandal-resistance and continuous operation in temperatures as low as -50°C, the new Q35 models continue to stay ahead of the pack – delivering improved IP CCTV performance in the most demanding applications.

All models in the series now include Axis’ powerful wide dynamic range (WDR) – Forensic Capture technology that ensures details are visible in both bright and dark areas. Increasing the ability to identify persons or objects in high contrast scenes like this can be particularly useful if the footage is ever required for evidential purposes. In addition to this, Axis’ award winning Zipstream technology is also supported throughout the series – providing optimal compression with preserved image quality.

The Axis Q3504-V and Q3504-VE are new to the range and capture HD 720p resolution video at full frame rate with WDR, or at 120 frames per second (fps) when WDR is disabled. This allows you to capture clear and smooth video in locations with high levels of activity, such as city surveillance applications.

Alternatively, higher resolutions are supported in the new and updated Q3505-V/VE/SVE Mk II models. Delivering HD 1080p video at 30 fps with WDR on, they can also capture footage in HD 1080p resolution at 60 fps, or HD 720p at 120 fps when WDR is turned off. All Mk II units are available with a wide or telephoto lens, and have the ability to deliver full colour video in extreme low-light conditions using Axis’ Lightfinder technology.

Stainless steel housing for extra durability

The new Q3505-SVE Mk II is designed for use in the most demanding locations and features a marine-grade, electro-polished and coated stainless steel casing. This highly resistant stainless steel model can withstand the corrosive effect of seawater and chemicals, making it ideal for use in large industrial plants and ports. It can also be safely deployed in locations that require high standards of hygiene and are subject to rigorous cleaning regimes such as healthcare and food or pharmaceutical production.

By updating the feature set and adding some key image enhancement technologies, Axis has stayed true to their ethos of ‘driving the industry forward’ – improving on an already advanced IP camera range that continues to be a reliable choice for critical video surveillance installations.

The new Q35 and Q35 Mk II models will soon be available at Network Webcams and we look forward to seeing how these premium IP cameras shape up in reality.

Published on December 7th, 2016 by Network Webcams

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