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Axis updates P32 series with improved imaging at affordable prices

Image of P32 Mk II dome IP cameraThe development of advanced imaging technologies and increased low-light performance has been a welcome trend in the IP camera market during the last couple of years, but it comes at a price.

Some small business users may have found cameras featuring this technology have been just beyond their budget but Axis is now bridging the price gap with their already popular P32 fixed dome series. Their newly released Mk II models deliver clear, HD resolution video in all light conditions – whilst remaining at an attractive price point.

The most interesting update included in the new P32 Mk II series is the combination of Axis’ advanced Lightfinder and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) – Forensic Capture technologies. These allow the camera to deliver full colour video in extreme low-light conditions, as well as helping to increase the levels of detail that are visible in both bright and dark areas. Until now, this combination of features has not been included in other Axis models of a similar price – meaning these units will offer customers a lot more bang for their buck. The range also includes units that feature built-in infrared (IR) LEDs for enhanced night-vision, as well as OptimisedIR technology to ensure scenes are evenly illuminated.

All models have high vandal-resistance ratings and true day/night recording, making this range an ideal choice for customers who require high quality video coverage in exposed locations – day and night. Just like their P32 predecessors, all Mk II units include edge storage and also support the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP) to help increase levels of camera functionality with the use of third-party applications.

These PoE powered mini-domes require minimal effort to install and the cameras’ varifocal lens with P-iris control helps capture images with optimal resolution, clarity, contrast and depth of field. Also, remote focus and zoom enables fine tuning for easy and accurate installation.

An affordable alternative

When compared to some of Axis’ other popular IP camera ranges such as the P33 and Q35 series, the new P32 Mk II models offer a similar selection of imaging technologies – but at a lower cost. This is good news for cost-conscious customers who are searching for an affordable network camera with all the benefits of advanced imaging technologies, but without the high price tag. In addition to this, Axis’ award winning Zipstream technology is also supported to offer further cost savings by reducing bandwidth and storage requirements up to 50%.

The new Axis P32 Mk II models are now available. We see these feature packed models being an ideal solution for a diverse range of applications including retail, hospitality, healthcare and schools.

Published on November 8th, 2016 by Network Webcams

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