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Latest Axis firmware now supports ONVIF Profile G

Axis firmware supporting ONVIF Profile GAxis products using firmware 6.3 or above will now support not only ONVIF Profile S for streaming video and audio, but also ONVIF Profile G for edge storage and recording.

This is good news for anyone using an Axis IP camera with Video Management Software (VMS) that uses ONVIF standards to support Axis cameras rather than a specific Axis driver. We see this scenario sometimes with a CCTV system that has expanded over time using components from a variety of manufacturers.

Devices (e.g. a network camera or video encoder) and clients (e.g. VMS) that conform to ONVIF Profile G support the configuration, search, playback and retrieval of recordings on edge-based or network-attached storage. Profile G also includes support for receiving audio and a metadata stream if the client supports those features.

This is a notable step forward for ONVIF. Profile S was introduced in 2012 as the standard interface to stream video and audio between conformant devices and clients (the majority of Axis products now already support ONVIF Profile S). Live video is of course just one half of the equation and the introduction of Profile G now completes that equation with video storage, further refining the level of interoperability among ONVIF-conformant products.

Which Axis IP cameras support this firmware version?

The full list of firmware versions for Axis products is quite long so we’ve noted the products that are currently on firmware version 6.3 or above.

  • Axis F34 main unit
  • Axis F41 main unit
  • Axis F44 main unit
  • Axis M1124
  • Axis M1124-E
  • Axis M1125
  • Axis M1125-E
  • Axis M3006-V
  • Axis M3007-P
  • Axis M3007-PV
  • Axis M3026-VE
  • Axis M3027-PVE
  • Axis P1364
  • Axis P1364-E
  • Axis P1365
  • Axis P1365-E
  • Axis P1435-E
  • Axis P1435-LE
  • Axis P3224-LV
  • Axis P3224-LVE
  • Axis P3225-LV
  • Axis P3225-LVE
  • Axis Q1615
  • Axis Q1615-E
  • Axis Q1635
  • Axis Q1635-E
  • Axis Q2901-E
  • Axis Q2901-E PT mount
  • Axis Q3505-V
  • Axis Q3505-VE
  • Axis Q7436 blade

This list is correct at the time of writing and more Axis products will have new versions of firmware released in due course. It is, of course, always worth keeping your Axis camera firmware updated to benefit from new functionality, irrespective of your requirements for ONVIF support.

Published on September 1st, 2016 by Network Webcams

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