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Axis boost the performance of their latest high-end Q60 PTZ cameras

Axis Q60 series PTZThe latest Q60 PTZ cameras from Axis will include features for improved performance and efficiency, ensuring this top-of-the-line series continues to be a reliable choice for demanding video surveillance applications.

The Axis Q6052/-E and Q6054/-E introduce focus recall which provides instant focus in predefined areas and the Q6055/-E comes with several Axis video analytics applications already built-in for greater efficiency and added value for the user.

Focus recall helps improve PTZ camera performance in challenging light conditions by removing the need to manually focus or wait for the autofocus to adjust. It’s especially beneficial in scenes with low contrast and point-shaped light sources such as the headlights from oncoming traffic which can delay autofocus response. It is also useful in scenarios that require a lot of manual operation using a joystick.

Axis have not only included more video analytics on-board these new PTZ cameras, they have also enhanced the processor, increasing the analytics capacity for third-party applications. This is an interesting development and reflects the increasing use of video analytics by businesses for more than the detection of security incidents. By integrating video data into other systems, businesses can gain valuable insights and improve efficiency – something that the retail and manufacturing sectors have been quick to adopt.

All the new models are the first in the Q60 series to offer Zipstream, Axis’ award winning compression technology that reduces bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 50% – even during camera movements. Users will benefit from significant cost savings with this level of bandwidth efficiency.

A smart choice for demanding applications

The new Axis Q60 cameras deliver up to 1080p resolution and feature a powerful optical zoom lens (up to 36x depending on model). They all include day/night functionality, WDR and support for on-board SD card recording. Their robust housings (indoor models are IP52-rated and outdoor models are IP66 and NEMA 4X-rated) make them ideal for demanding applications and the vandal resistant outdoor models even feature Arctic Temperature Control to ensure safe start-up at temperatures down to -40°C.

Due for launch in the next few weeks, we expect these premium PTZ cameras to be a smart choice for city surveillance, shopping centres, transport depots, harbours and warehouses.

Published on August 5th, 2016 by Network Webcams

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