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Latest high-end fixed domes from Axis will use new remote PTRZ to reduce installation time

Axis Q36 series IP camera capable of pan, tilt and rollEver the innovators, Axis are always looking for ways to make the installation of their IP cameras more efficient. Having recently announced the introduction of an intelligent CS-mount lens for accurate optical adjustment during installation, Axis has now made physical adjustment of the lens even easier.

The new Q36 series will offer exceptional image quality and uniquely, remote pan/tilt/roll/zoom (PTRZ) will greatly reduce the time it takes to set the view during installation. The cameras’ PTRZ function also means that should surrounding conditions change and adjustments to the view are required, a site visit may not be necessary. Axis has also included a smart conduit connection and cable management but there’s more to these new cameras than quick and reliable installation.

Advanced image processing

The Q3615-VE and Q3617-VE feature 1/2-inch sensors, Axis’ Lightfinder and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) – Forensic Capture so they’ll be very capable of capturing colour video in the dark and tackling challenging light conditions such as a mix of bright zones and dark shadow areas.

Resolution choices with WDR enabled are HD 1080p for the Q3615-VE and Quad HD or 4MP for the Q3617-VE – both cameras offer this with frame rates up to 30fps. When WDR is disabled, the Q3617-VE is capable of 6MP resolution at up to 20fps. Bandwidth and storage at these frame rates and high resolutions is tamed effectively without sacrificing important image details using Axis’ Zipstream technology.

All of this advanced technology is packed into a robust, vandal resistant housing and we can see these high-end models being ideal for city surveillance, transportation, government and critical infrastructure. It should be pointed out that the PTRZ function is not designed for general “PTZ” use – these Q36 cameras are fixed domes and the PTRZ is for making small adjustments when setting the desired view.

The Q3615-VE and Q3617-VE are due to be available in the coming months and we know from experience that levelling the image from a camera during installation can be a fiddly process so we’ll be interested to see the PTRZ function in action.

Update – 03/08/16: The Q3615-VE and Q3617-VE are now available at Network Webcams.

Published on July 4th, 2016 by Network Webcams

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