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Behavioural analytics now available in Mobotix hemispheric ceiling cameras

Example of Mobotix behavioural analytics U-turn eventMobotix has now made behavioural analytics available to monitor specific human and vehicular patterns of movement. Once configured, the camera can count objects or people moving in a defined corridor and the user can be notified of several different events including “Duration of stay”, “U-turn”, “Opposite direction” and “Speed”.

All Mobotix cameras have built-in analytics and although these new behavioural analytics form part of the MX Analytics suite, these new tools are only available with the c25, Q25 and S15M. This is because they’re most effective when deployed using a panoramic, top-down field of view and that typically means being mounted in a ceiling.

The behavioural analytics are easily configured via the camera’s browser interface and can be found in the “Image Analysis Events” menu, alongside other video motion settings. As with any video analytics of this type, good lighting is required to ensure accurate performance so this should be considered before enabling these new features.

Here is an example video of behavioural detection – note the corridor counting taking effect as the people walk through the reception area. The numbers in red or green increment depending upon which direction the person passes.

These new behavioural analytics are highly configurable and can also be used as event triggers in external VMS packages. We’d expect typical applications to be high traffic areas for people such as reception areas and lobbies in large hotels, retail environments, banks and museums where people-counting and the detection of people running or loitering may be useful. There is also potential for these analytics to help monitor the movement of vehicles in large industrial sites or the flow of traffic at large event venues.

Published on June 22nd, 2016 by Network Webcams

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