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Why integration is the real power behind Axis Camera Station 5

ACS 5 and the expanding Axis product rangeAxis Camera Station has already proved itself to be a very capable and user friendly video management system – ideal for small and mid-sized installations. The latest version (ACS 5) introduced many new features including optimised rendering for 4K, multi-layer maps and a “Tree View” for easier navigation in the Live View and Recording workspaces.

All of these enhancements make ACS 5 a powerful solution for managing your IP video surveillance system, but that’s not the whole story. The real power comes from newly added support to integrate other IP devices such as door controllers, door stations, card readers and horn speakers.

We’re excited to see this because physical security measures are all far more effective when they’re linked together – but what does this actually mean for your organisation or business?

Improving physical security with integration

Physical security involves the use of multiple interdependent systems. For many small to mid-sized businesses this could include CCTV, access control and other deterrence measures such as physical barriers or security lighting.

In the past, these systems would run independently and were not easily connected but Axis Camera Station 5 now makes integration of these systems far easier. It means managing the security system as a whole from either a central location on site or remotely via a smart mobile device is now practical. The result is a unified and more versatile security system where events in one system can trigger alerts or actions in another.

To illustrate why this is so powerful, think about these common scenarios:

Door stations have been around for a while and they’re often used by small businesses that have an unstaffed reception area. Integrating the door station with the CCTV system means recording can be triggered when a visitor approaches the premises, before they’ve even pressed the intercom. Two-way audio helps staff confirm who the visitor needs to see and the door can then be unlocked remotely via ACS 5.

How about a card reader that permits authorised staff entry to a restricted area? Again, access control card readers and keypads have been around for a while but integration with video surveillance increases the reliability of the system. When used with ACS 5, an IP camera could be triggered to capture images of the person presenting the card. These images can be compared in real time against the official image of the cardholder stored in the access control database. This helps prevent unauthorised personnel using a card that belongs to a legitimate cardholder.

Or the scenario at a perimeter fence where the in-camera video motion detection used by ACS 5 has alerted staff to suspicious activity during the early hours. Integration with Axis’ IP-based horn speaker would allow ACS 5 to play a pre-recorded warning message to deter anyone loitering near the fence.

More power!

Axis’ product range has been expanding beyond IP video. IP-based devices such as a speaker horn and a growing family of access control products are now making what is becoming known as the Internet of Security Things (IoST) a reality.

Axis' growing range of access control products

When you realise that by routing additional power through the Axis A1001 door controller, it can even be used with other barrier systems such as gates or rising bollards – all of which can then be integrated with the IP CCTV system, you realise the possibilities are endless.

Having seen a demonstration of ACS 5, we can see enormous potential for real-world integration projects and Kevin Bowyer, Technical Director at NW Systems Group commented:

ACS5 impressed me most with the thought that’s gone into ease of integrating Axis devices such as the Door Controller, PoE speaker and Video Station. Often, complex integrations can be not only time consuming to implement, but also to maintain, but in just a few steps what would otherwise be difficult and frustrating for commissioning engineers, even in a mature VMS like XProtect, is made easy with ACS5. This is potentially a huge time-saver and makes delivering a truly useful end solution to the client that much easier.

Existing Axis Camera Station users with up to 32 devices and all Axis S10 Recorder users, regardless of system size, can benefit from a free upgrade to Axis Camera Station 5.

See our guide to understanding licensing options for ACS 5 or contact us for further advice.

Published on June 9th, 2016 by Network Webcams

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