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Axis’ latest addition to the M30 series, the M3037-PVE with two-way audio

Now, as a further expansion to the popular M30 series Axis have launched the new M3037-PVE. This model aims to create an audio surveillance solution at an attractive price. This vandal resistant, mini dome IP camera offers both a 360° overview and echo-free two-way audio communication.

Providing full duplex audio with echo cancellation and noise reduction, the integrated microphone and speaker will allow clear audible communication between operator and people at the scene.

Compact in form factor the M3037-PVE is equipped with multi-megapixel image quality (up to 5 megapixel) in a range of versatile panoramic views to provide clear and all-encompassing surveillance. The helpful choice between a 360° overview, 270° corner or 180° panoramic views enable you to gain as much or as little of the scene as is required. Further, you can utilise the cameras capability of quad view to obtain a good overview of busy areas such as at an intersection or a school gate entrance.

Video motion detection and active tampering alarms come as standard, whilst there is also support for more advanced intelligent video applications from Axis ACAP partners.

For remote camera control in small and medium-sized organisations, the user can utilise Axis’ free-to-download application – Axis Camera Companion. This easy to use video management application enables remote, mobile surveillance of any IP camera with SD card recording ability. Recording and storage of the CCTV footage from the camera’s SD card is managed via the internet and can be accessed by the app – compatible with iOS or Android devices and supports up to 16 cameras.

Other interesting features include day/night capability for round the clock surveillance as well as the factory-focused lens to cut down on installation time. All in all the M3037-PVE is a feature-packed, versatile camera at a fair price in the increasingly crowded hemispheric camera market.

You can buy the Axis M3037-PVE camera from us with 1 year advanced replacement warranty.

Published on January 4th, 2016 by Network Webcams

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