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New: The Axis Guard Suite

October 28th, 2015 by Bethanne Pugh

Untitled-2Now available from Axis is the Axis Guard Suite, an interesting group of applications aiming to turn your IP camera into a smart security system.

Axis says these three stand-alone applications are designed to cover the most common uses of detection technologies in CCTV as well as having the ability to be used in combination for more comprehensive protection. So what are they?

Loitering Guard
This will track objects within the camera’s field of view and automatically trigger an alarm if they remain for too long within the scene. Axis describes this application ideal for use in low activity areas where suspicious loitering behaviour may pose a risk. Think for example of car parks or outdoor storage areas at night.

Motion Guard
This essentially is just Video Motion Detection (VMD) with the ability to define areas of interest within the camera’s field of view. The application will automatically trigger an alarm if an object moves within defined zone.

Fence Guard
Simply put, this application is a virtual trip wire, automatically triggering when an individual or object moves through a pre-defined line drawn within the image. Aptly named Fence Guard, Axis say it is ideally used for perimeter protection.

Key Features

Although they are designed to be used as standalone applications, selected key features in all of the separate guards make for a flexible VMD software app:

• All Guard Suite applications feature Axis False Alarm Filtering technology, aiming to suppress the number of false alarms.
• All the apps are suitable for internal or external use.
• Multiple profiles means more flexibility within configuration. You are able to tailor your security requirements for different times of the day or different areas of your camera’s field of view.
• The software’s intuitive user interface uses visual confirmation as a way to validate that the application is able to detect objects correctly. Handy so you know that your software is going to do what it says it’s going to do.
• Round the clock surveillance makes any security monitoring a lot more reliable,

Compatible cameras

Currently, the Guard Suite has been launched with compatibility for a handful of Axis IP cameras only. Axis will roll this out throughout a wider range over time so that it actually will become more interesting as a potential mainstream detection method. We’ll see.
For now here are the following camera’s supported:
AXIS P1428-E
AXIS Q1615
AXIS Q1635
AXIS Q3505-V

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