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Full Axis P32 series now available

p3214_15_ve_wall_weathershield_angle_left_1403_hi_lowThe full, affordable Axis P32 series is now available.

This new range of IP dome cameras has a great feature set across the series and offers an ideal choice for anyone looking for an effortless and reliable CCTV solution. With both outdoor and indoor housing options available, the P32 range can be used anywhere.

What are the key technologies the P32 series have to offer?

First off, let’s look at the models in the range:

Axis P3214-V – HD 720p / WDR Dynamic Contrast
Axis P3214-VE – outdoor version

Axis P3215-V – HD 1080p / WDR Dynamic Contrast
Axis P3215-VE – outdoor version

Axis P3224-LV – HD 720p / IR LEDs / WDR Forensic Capture / Zipstream
Axis P3224-LVE – outdoor version

Axis P3225-LV – HD 1080p / IR LEDs / WDR Forensic Capture / Zipstream
Axis P3225-LVE – outdoor version

All housed in vandal-resistant casings, the series include models suited for both indoor and outdoor applications that meet the quality and cost demands of most installations. With support for the free Axis Camera Companion software and easy-to-use app, this range is greatly suited for use in 1 to 10 camera installations. All you require is a camera (including a SD card) and a mobile phone or tablet to run your own CCTV system. It could not be easier.

All Axis P32 cameras can be used in this way, whilst they also feature PoE for easy installation and a varifocal lens for precise set up. With these combined features, this range gives you great ‘bang for your buck’.

Some of the new, advanced features available in the P32 series include:

  • Axis’ Zipstream technology
    Featured in the Axis P3224-LV, P3224-LVE, P3225-LV and P3225-LVE. Giving a bandwidth saving of anything from 15% to 60% depending on the scene and level of activity within the scene. This technology tackles one of the key challenges facing any larger size IP video system. By analysing the video in real-time, the technology optimises the stream continuously and intelligently separates areas of a scene that are of interest from the areas that are not.
  • WDR – Forensic Capture
    Featured in the Axis P3224-LV, P3224-LVE, P3225-LV and P3225-LVE. By lowering noise levels and increasing image signal, this interesting Axis technology aims to display every detail in the scene in the best possible way. The result is said to create highly optimised video for forensic purposes.
  • WDR – Dynamic Capture
    Featured in the Axis P3214-V, P3214-VE, P3215-V and P3215-VE. WDR Dynamic Capture differs from Forensic Capture in that to capture detailed shots it takes several images of the scene in fast sequence with differing exposure levels for each image. These are then brought together with both brightest and darkest elements of the photo kept.
  • OptimizedIR
    Features in the Axis P3224-LVE and Axis P3225-LVE. Designed for easy, cost-effective and environmental friendly installation, the technology aims to capture high-quality video with low noise even in completely dark scenes. The “smart” LEDs illumination angle works alongside Axis cameras’ remote zoom and automatically adapts to the level set at installation. The illumination angle then follows the camera’s zoom and maintains the optimum amount of light within the image.

The Axis P32 dome IP camera range is a great choice for an affordable, all round CCTV surveillance choice. With its wide feature set and Axis technologies, it suits a range of applications be it inside or out.

Check out this interesting video highlighting products within the range placed in real-life applications.

Don’t forget – as Axis Gold partners, you can buy the Axis P32-series cameras from us with 3 year advanced replacement warranty, at no additional cost.

Published on October 23rd, 2015 by Network Webcams

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