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Q61 Series – Axis’ Lightfinder technology in PTZ dome cameras for the first time

Q6115-EWe like it when there is something new and exciting to talk about. The new bit is that the latest Q6114-E PTZ camera from Axis incorporate the much-appreciated Lightfinder technology. It’s a first. The exciting bit is that this ‘enabler’ opens up a whole range of new opportunities for the use of PTZ cameras, a camera type that has been suffering from the inherent problem that it is near impossible to adequately illuminate a large 360° scene – a scenario in which PTZ cameras tend to be used. With Lightfinder now available in the Q6114-E camera the need for additional illumination has been vastly reduced.

Whilst this is the most exciting thing about the new Q61 camera series, which also includes the Q6115-E model, there are some further interesting features worth mentioning. So are the Q61 dome cameras capable of ‘looking up’, i.e. they are able to see above the horizon (by about 20°). This feature will only be useful in very specific scenarios but at least it’s now there if you need it. For us, it is great for use with our Streamdays streaming service where cameras are being used to stream live video from tourist hotpots and attractions onto the Internet. The ‘looking up’ feature is also handy when installing CCTV in stadiums and arenas.

The Q61’s new Sharpdome technology offers innovative mechanics that, unlike traditional pan-tilt-zoom cameras, has 3-axis movement which enables for the dome unit to accurately rotate in any direction. It also offers a ‘speed dry function’. When activated, the dome vibrates at high speed to shake off water droplets. This seems somewhat far-fetched but we’ll test it once we’ve installed one on our roof. More interesting is the impressive wide dynamic range performance at 130dB and the reliable Auto-tracking feature, ensuring that people or vehicles remain in field of view when moving across a scene. It does away with the need for a CCTV operator to control the camera.

With 30x optical zoom and HD 1080p resolution the Q6115-E has a huge range over which it can capture detail. However, with 30x optical zoom, HD 720p resolution and the effective Lightfinder technology all in the same unit the Q6114-E has our preference when the need for night-time surveillance is part of the brief too.

And a final note – as Axis Gold partners, you can buy Axis Q-series camera from us with 3 year advanced replacement warranty, at no additional cost.

Published on October 1st, 2015 by Network Webcams

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