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New from Raytec: the VARIO low voltage range of infrared illuminators

Raytec Vario infrared LED illuminatorsThe Raytec Vario range of low voltage infrared illuminators is now available, comprising 11 models including IP-based illuminators with PoE and a zoom illuminator for use with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras . The series provides adaptive 850nm infrared illumination at angles of up to 180° using the VARIO interchangeable lens system. The most advanced units offer a maximum distance of 380m. The series has a unit suitable for almost any sized application and provides optimum IR illumination for any CCTV system.

A VARIO infrared illuminator is a valuable addition to a surveillance system, hugely enhancing night-time capability and enabling image capture at a much greater distance than any IP camera with integrated IR LEDs. The VARIO range is particularly flexible as it allows users to precisely match the infrared beam to the camera’s field of view using the Vario interchangeable holographic lenses. 10°, 30° and 60° lenses are included and if further flexibility is required, 80° and 120° lenses can be purchased separately. Each Vario unit is IP66-rated and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

See below video for the key features of the VARIO:

The use of Raytec VARIO illuminators enables clear identification of individuals or objects as Raytec’s Hot-spot Reduction Technology (HRT) delivers a highly diffused elliptical beam and prevents overexposure so faces for example can clearly be seen.

Below video shows the benefits of using a VARIO illuminator versus an IP camera with built-in infrared:

Each unit features Platinum SMT technology, with Light Intensification Miniature Optics (LIMO) and an enhanced Cool Running thermal management system to ensure optimal operation and long-term reliability.

The VARIO range in a nutshell

Standard models:

  • i2-1: up to 120° beam and max. 65m distance
  • i2-2: up to 180° beam and max. 120m distance
  • i4-1: up to 120° beam and max. 120m distance
  • i4-2: up to 180° beam and max. 220m distance
  • i4-3: up to 180° beam and max. 260m distance
  • i8-1: up to 120° beam and max. 220m distance
  • i8-2: up to 180° beam and max. 310m distance
  • i8-3: up to 180° beam and max. 380m distance

IP PoE models:

The Raytec VARIO IP PoE illuminators have the benefit of supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE) for easy installation (no separate electrical cabling required) and can also be accessed via the network to enable remote set up, adjustment and operation via an easy-to-use web interface. The VARIO IP units can be centrally or remotely controlled in groups, ideal for large or multi-site CCTV installations. The models:

  • IP PoE i4: up to 120° beam and up to 120m distance
  • IP PoE i8: up to 120° beam and up to 220m distance

Zoom illuminator

The Raytec VARIO D-Zoom i8 is the only illuminator to offer seamless adjustment between 10° to 80°, ideal for use alongside PTZ cameras. The D-Zoom i8 offers all the same features as the standard VARIO illuminators, except the interchangeable lenses.

The standard and D-Zoom VARIO illuminators support the VARIO remote control (sold separately), which enables easy set-up and adjustment from ground level and provides a variety of advanced features including power adjust, photocell sensitivity, timer function, remote dimming, telemetry control and factory restore.

Each Raytec VARIO unit comes with a wall/ceiling mount bracket and is covered by Raytec’s 5 year warranty.

Raytec offers a range of useful HOW TO videos on their YouTube channel.

Published on July 8th, 2015 by Network Webcams

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