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Top 5 best-selling Sony IP cameras

Sony IP cameras have always offered great image quality and even more so since the launch of their 6th generation cameras over the last twelve months or so. However, many of the Sony cameras in the range look very similar on paper, making it difficult for people to choose the right one for their requirement. We thought to offer some help by listing the top sellers, of which there are five and they really do stand out.

With the launch of generation 6, Sony introduced high end image processing features into their lower cost cameras, which was pretty much a game changer.  These top 5 Sony sellers should not be overlooked when specifying a CCTV system.

1. Sony SNC-XM631

Sony SNC-XM631 The SNC-XM631 is an indoor vandal-resistant mini dome with a 113° wide angle lens and comes in at just £255. With a high end specification and performance, this camera offers excellent value for money and is a strong contender for any indoor location.

Notable features are smooth HD 1080p resolution, e-Varifocal lens technology and a choice of alternative lenses, over and above the (now standard) G6 advanced features that include Sony’s IPELA ENGINE signal processing platform with View-DR, Excellent Dynamic Noise Reduction (XDNR) and Visibility Enhancer (VE), and even Sony’s DEPA intelligent video analytics.

The Sony SNC-XM631 simply will not disappoint in any indoor location. Its image quality is impressive, also under darker or difficult light conditions.

2. SNC-XM632

sony_snc-xm632From the same family but for outdoor use is the rugged SNC-XM632 mini dome IP camera, which at just £325 is a first-class choice for many installations, including use in vehicles and small spaces such as elevators, stair cases and ATMs.

The following video shows footage captured by the Sony SNC-XM632 in a vehicle, using View-DR technology:

3. SNC-EM600

Sony SNC-EM600Featuring a mechanical infrared cut filter as well as a 3mm-9mm varifocal lens, with an adjustable viewing angle between 93° to 31.6°, the Sony SNC-EM600 IP dome has a slightly larger, more conventional form factor offering high quality day and night performance with night-time images being reproduced in black and white to as low as 0.02 lux (F1.2).

Benefitting from all the generation 6 high-end features it is no surprise that at £288 this indoor fixed dome camera has become such a popular model in the Sony range.

4. SNC-EM602RC

Sony SNC-EM602RThe next step up is the SNC-EM602RC outdoor IP dome, which includes all above mentioned G6 features plus IK10-rated vandal resistance and infrared (IR) night-vision with a long 30 metre range. Cleverly, the integrated IR LEDs automatically adapt their illumination output in relation to the distance of the person or object, meaning the scene is always optimally lit.

Competitively priced at just £450, the SNC-EM602RC will not be outshone by many of its competitors, if any. It is popular for use in high-end 24/7 CCTV applications.

5. SNC-EB602R

Sony SNC-EB602R
There is not much else to say except that the similarly priced SNC-EB602R IR bullet camera is equally as popular as the SNC-EM602RC, with the only real difference being its form factor. Preference is down to personal choice and installation circumstances on site.

All top-5 Sony IP cameras support Power over Ethernet (PoE or PoE+) for easy and lower cost installation. Sony RealShot Manager Lite 9 channel recording software is freely included with every Sony camera and, most importantly, users can access footage from mobile devices using the handy Sony SmartViewer app.

All this quality is backed up by the Sony 3 Year Premium Support Warranty offering advanced replacement, directly available from Sony.

Published on June 23rd, 2015 by Jessica Brooks

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