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Full Milestone Husky NVR range now available

Milestone Husky NVR seriesLeading Video Management Software (VMS) provider Milestone Systems now offers their open platform software as a hardware solution in the form of the new Husky range of Network Video Recorders (NVRs). The Husky M10 NVR delivers a very similar feature set to Milestone’s XProtect Essential software, whilst the more advanced M30 and M50 units are comparable to XProtect Professional. The new Husky NVRs are worth considering if you prefer to buy Milestone-in-a-box instead of sourcing a separate PC/server.

The Husky NVR range delivers stable and high performance CCTV recording suitable for a wide variety of applications, large and small. Key features available in every Husky unit include built-in motion detection, automatic camera discovery and support for two way audio and triple codec. The scalability of the Milestone Husky NVR range is another advantage as multiple units can be easily connected together as a system expands.

Milestone supply a three year Software Upgrade Plan (SUP) with every Husky model as standard, providing access to updates and new features without a further charge, meaning your Husky system is always up to date.

Furthermore, each Husky NVR is compatible with Milestone Interconnect, which enables efficient central control across geographically dispersed sites using XProtect Corporate at the central station for fast incident handling. This is ideal for organisations with a (large) branch network, such as retailers, banks and trade counters.

Milestone XProtect Clients

One of Milestone’s key strengths is its powerful client architecture for accessing, viewing and managing the system: the Mobile Client, Web Client and Smart Client.

From a user-perspective it’s important to understand what the Husky range supports and what not.

Milestone’s Mobile Client is supported by each Husky NVR, a free application for Apple, Android and Windows phones and tablets, which allows users to instantly view, play back and export video. Milestone Mobile provides Husky users with flexible access to footage, enabling instant verification that areas are safe and secure.

The Web Client is another viewing interface supported by all three Husky units. It’s a web-based interface accessible from all common browsers and enables viewing, play back and sharing video in addition to instant remote access and all essential system functions. The Milestone XProtect Web Client removes the need to install additional software and makes for easy viewing from anywhere with an internet connection.

The M30 and M50 Huskies provide additional support for Milestone’s Smart Client, enabling advanced viewing and video management via the network. Using the Smart Client, users and CCTV operators can investigate events quickly using the handy video timeline, whilst maintaining live view and can utilise all day-to-day features including Smart Search, the Storyboard function, advanced export options and Alarm Manager. The Smart Client is not supported by the M10!

What’s different between the three Milestone Husky models?

Husky M10

Milestone Husky M10The base model of the Husky series is similar in features to Milestone’s Essential software, the M10 desktop NVR is suitable for small surveillance applications such as retail and offices. This unit provides support for 4 or 8 cameras and has storage capacity up to 2TB, depending on the model selected. The M10 features an Atom processor and 4GB RAM, and supports viewing through the Milestone Web Client or Mobile Client (but not the Smart Client!). With an embedded Linux operating system, the M10 delivers reliable and stable recording with reduced chance of system crash or virus attack.

Husky M30

The mid-range unit in the Husky series, the M30 offers support for up to 30 cameras and up to 12TB HDD (model dependent). It is suitable for more advanced and mid-sized security applications such as bank branches, schools and warehouses. Available in 10 or 20 base channel configurations, users can connect additional cameras using add-on licenses, ideal for when your system is likely to expand over time.

Milestone Husky M30With five different units available in the line up, the M30 range offers different channel, RAM, processor and hard drive configurations, providing customisable recording, tailored to meet specific requirements. The M30 supports up to 16GB RAM and users can choose an i5 or i7 processor.

Additional features available on the M30 that you don’t get with the M10 include comprehensive interactive monitoring using Multi-layered Maps, Alarm Manager and Milestone’s Smart Client daily network interface with Smart Search, Bookmarking, Evidence Lock and Storyboard functions.

Milestone’s advanced XProtect LPR (license plate recognition), XProtect Retail, XProtect Screen Recorder and XProtect Transact add-ons can also be used with the Husky M30, providing advanced analytics and data for higher-end surveillance applications, enhancing video footage and providing users with useful information over and above a video feed.

Husky M50

The M50 is the most advanced Husky NVR, supporting up to 120 cameras and offering up to a huge 48TB of HDD storage. This Milestone Husky M50 NVRrack-mountable unit is supplied with either 10, 20, 40 or 80 base channels depending on the model, and supports up to 120 channels using add-on licenses, providing a scalable solution ideal for larger, expanding IP video systems.

Featuring an i7 processor in all models and between 8 and 16GB RAM, the high-end M50 unit provides higher performance to deal with a larger camera count, whilst RAID configuration is available in the top-end M50 units for when redundancy is required. Apart from that, the Husky M50 delivers the same functions and features as the M30 units, including XProtect add-ons.

Is the Milestone Husky cost-effective?

Yes, the all-in-one Milestone Husky NVRs work out more cost-effective if you make a like-for-like comparison with buying the Milestone XProtect Professional software and required server hardware separately. Let’s take a quick look at an example:

Prices valid as per June 2015

Husky M30 20 channel base license NVR with 4TB HDD, inc. 3 years SUP £3,974

Milestone XProtect Professional software, inc. 20 channel licenses & 3 years SUP £3,641

Cost difference £333

In this example you are essentially paying just £333 for the hardware to run your Milestone system if you opt for Husky. Considering that a suitable server would cost £1,000 plus, the attractiveness from a cost-point-of-view will be clear. Plus, buying the Husky NVR, you benefit from the added advantage of dealing with a single vendor instead of two, which makes things a lot easier if any problems were to occur.

UPDATE : Milestone announced at IFSEC 2015 that the Husky M10 NVR now supports Milestone Smart Client.

Published on June 2nd, 2015 by Jessica Brooks

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