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Mobotix thermal imaging and MxActivity Sensor provide optimal detection solution

Mobotix M15D-Thermal cameraMuch has been said about how good thermal cameras are for detection purposes, particularly when it comes to perimeter protection or monitoring large sites at night.

However, it only works well and is worth spending the money if the analytics software processing the thermal image is powerful (or intelligent) enough to detect activity and separate false alerts (noise) from real alarms that require action.

One such solution that does this well is Mobotix, combining thermal imaging in the S15D and M15D series of cameras with their on-camera MxActivity Sensor video analytics software. The combination of thermal imaging with MxActivity Sensor is simply impressive. Another benefit of the Mobotix solution is that you can have a full colour 5 megapixel lens-sensor fitted in the same camera head so that you get a full colour image operating alongside the thermal view, adding more perspective to the overall scene when viewing the footage.

A demo video from a recent Mobotix field test shows this very well. Take a look and also see the difference in the effective detection range between a thermal imaging sensor and some (IR) light sensitive modules. The thermal image with MxActivitySensor is detecting the direction of movement over 400m away:

We recommend to seek expert advice when buying thermal imaging technology. We are happy to help.

Published on April 17th, 2015 by Jessica Brooks

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