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Flexible cameras that let you see more – new additions to the Axis F-series

Axis F-seriesBack in October last year, the Axis F-series cameras were launched, comprising a main unit and separate ultra-compact sensor modules; a concept never seen before from the leading IP video manufacturer. Not only did this enables discreet sensors to be placed up to 12m away from the main unit, but also provided a cost-effective and covert solution for small space monitoring such as ATMs and for mobile applications such as transport. With the recent release of the new F44 main unit and F1025 and F1035-E sensors, we take a look at the complete Axis F-series and what it offers…

To put it simply – you can choose between 2 main units and up to 4 sensor modules. The F41 supports 1 sensor and the F44 supports up to 4.

Axis F41 main unit

Capable of HD 1080p at 60 frames per second and with Wide Dynamic Range – Forensic Capture, the F41 main unit is ideal for high movement applications that need high quality recording of busy scenes. Supporting the connection of a single F-series sensor, this low-cost unit can be placed up to 12m away from the sensor to enable installation in limited spaces like ATMs, elevators and in buses, trams and trains, capturing detailed video even in challenging lighting conditions.

Axis F44 main unit

For installations which require more than one view, the Axis F44 enables the connection of up to 4 sensor modules in closely situated areas, providing a cost-effective and simple to use solution, eliminating the need for 4 separate cameras. The quad view feature enables simultaneous viewing of 4 separate areas in HD 1080p (15 fps) or full HD 720p. Again, sensors can be placed up to 12m away for convenient installation, whilst this unit offers double the SD storage space of the F41.

Both the F41 and F44 units support two-way audio, allowing the user to verbally interact through the camera and also enabling audio capture, an ideal feature for controlling entrances and exits. 4 input/output ports enable the connection to external devices to enhance alarm management, such as a PIR sensor, whilst intelligent video capabilities assist with monitoring by alerting the user to camera tampering attempts and activity through video motion and audio detection. The main units can be flexibly installed using either PoE or an 8-28 V DC power supply, depending on preference.

Sensor modules

The Axis F-series sensors offer a wide range of viewing angles and capabilities to suit a variety of applications and requirements, making an F series camera a flexible, convenient CCTV choice. The range of F-series sensors includes:

  • F1005-E – standard outdoor lens with wide 113° view, IP66-rated for durable outdoor use. Ideal for general applications such as exposed cash machines and entrances/exits
  • F1015 – varifocal lens with 108° to 53° view, adjustable to achieve optimum viewing angle for a specific application
  • F1025 – ultra-covert pinhole lens with 92° view, ideal for discreet surveillance in doorways or walls
  • F1035-E – advanced ultra-wide 194° view outdoor fisheye lens for wide scene coverage

The Axis F-series sensor modules can be mixed-and-matched as the application requires, so up to 4 of these sensors can be used with the F44 main unit.

The F-series sensors come with a 3m or optional 12m cable to provide even further installation flexibility. Installing the sensor away from the main unit is particularly useful when the sensor location is compact such as in elevators and ATMs.

Axis F series in transport

Either main units are suitable for use in transport applications, although the F44 unit provides multiple views of an area and as the image below shows, is ideal for monitoring on a bus:

Axis F44 in bus application

Able to withstand temperature fluctuations, vibrations and shocks, the Axis F1005-E and F1035-E sensor units can be used in emergency vehicles, buses and trains, whilst the SD card recording capabilities of either main unit provide a low-cost storage solution ideal for mobile applications.

The Axis F41 and F44 main units include Axis Camera Companion software with up to 16 channels, whilst the mobile app allows remote viewing from smartphones and tablets.

Published on February 12th, 2015 by Jessica Brooks

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