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Exciting new IP camera releases from LILIN

lilin_ipc0122This week, the latest LILIN network cameras have been released, further expanding LILIN’s cost-effective and popular IP product portfolio. The launch includes some very interesting indoor and outdoor HD and megapixel cameras with increased infra red range. But most eye-catching is LILIN’s first miniature covert camera, comprising a main unit and a separate, very small sensor module with pinhole lens, ideal for discreet monitoring at for example ATMs. What do the new models have to offer?



This low-cost indoor dome captures HD 1080p at 15 fps or HD 720p at 30 fps, has 10m IR night-vision and digital I/O capability for connecting external devices. At just £213, this camera offers high quality surveillance ideal for most general indoor CCTV applications, at an attractive price point. It also offers a choice of 2 lenses with different viewing angles, either a 4mm lens for 62.2° horizontal viewing angle or 6mm lens for 43.6°, to best suit individual needs.



Capable of longer range 25m IR night-vision and full HD 1080p, this discreet indoor varifocal dome camera can be adjusted for optimum scene capture, making it ideal for large office space or larger stores. Priced at £337 and capable of face detection, wide dynamic range (WDR), PoE and MicroSD card recording, this new, feature-rich LILIN camera stacks up well against competition when it comes to monitoring larger indoor areas.


LILIN IPR732Featuring 3 megapixel resolution and 30m infra red night-vision, the new IPR732 is unique in the market at the time of launch. LILIN again pushes the boundaries when it comes to high resolution, long range night-time CCTV monitoring without breaking the bank. At just £321 this camera stands out from the crowd and is one of the most interesting recent product releases into the video surveillance market.


LILIN IPC0122Taking on the popular Axis P12 range, LILIN has launched its first miniature covert camera: the IPC0122. It comprises a main unit and separate sensor module with 100° pinhole lens connected by a 6m cable, allowing installation in tight and awkward spaces. The unit provides full HD 1080p capability, wide dynamic range, LILIN’s Sense Up+ and 3D noise reduction for good low light performance and costs just £244. The IPC0122 camera is an ideal solution for ATM surveillance and use in other small spaces such as lifts and store rooms.


LILIN ZR2322XThis latest addition to LILIN’s existing Z series provides advanced night-time surveillance with built-in IR LEDs providing up to 25m of illumination. With two-way audio, auto focus and zoom, full HD 1080p, PoE and MicroSD storage, this discreet dome is ideal for most general indoor monitoring applications such as offices, retail stores, warehouses and schools. Priced at £337.

All the new LILIN models released in November are in stock and available to order now, delivered with a FREE 32GB storage card. All LILIN cameras come with LILIN CMX 72-channel video management software and the LILIN Viewer mobile app is available to download for free onto iOS and Android devices for handy remote access whilst you are on the move.

Published on November 12th, 2014 by Jessica Brooks

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