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Axis Q35 cameras are first to feature HD 1080p and Lightfinder combined

Axis Q3505-V dome network cameraNot only do the new Axis Q35 cameras offer 60 fps video capture, wide dynamic range and edge recording amongst plenty of other features, the particularly interesting thing about these recently launched cameras is that they are the first Axis network cameras to offer both HD 1080p / 2 megapixel and Lightfinder technology. In the past we have only seen HD 720p /1 megapixel cameras with Axis Lightfinder. However advances in technology are enabling even higher quality low light image capture.

Axis Lightfinder technology is the latest in image processing, combining in-house, system-on-chip development techniques with best optical components to provide cameras with extreme light sensitivity. This enables cameras to produce more life-like colours in low light environments, whilst also reducing noise. The Q35 series cameras are capable of capturing colour images down to 0.18 lux in HD 1080p at 30 frames per second, or 0.36 lux in HD 1080p at 50/60 frames per second, providing high quality and high frame rate recording 24 hours a day (9mm lens).

This video shows example footage captured by the indoor Axis Q3505-V at a loading dock:

This video shows example footage captured from the outdoor Axis Q3505-VE at a surface mining site:

The Q35 cameras are suitable for a diverse range of applications, offering a choice of a 9mm wide angle lens or 22m telephoto lens.

The Axis Q1615 and Q1615-E network cameras also support both HD 1080p and Lightfinder, providing an alternative form factor to the Q35 series’ domes.

All Axis IP cameras come with Axis Camera Companion video management software with 16 channels, and the Axis Camera Companion mobile app enables remote access via smartphones and tablets. We also offer a free 32GB storage card with every Axis camera with support for on-board recording.

Published on October 13th, 2014 by Jessica Brooks

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