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Sony SNC-CX600 sample footage

Sony SNC-CX600Feature-packed and well-priced, the Sony SNC-CX600 wired and wireless IP camera models are an attractive CCTV solution for use in general office buildings, retail outlets, schools, restaurants and hotels. Compact in size and featuring Sony’s 6th generation IPELA ENGINE it delivers excellent quality HD 720p footage through Sony’s advanced signal processing and XDNR dynamic noise reduction technologies. Handy features include PoE, on-camera recording using a MicroSD card and an integrated white light LED that will illuminate the scene when triggered by the on-board PIR sensor. Its wide 120° degree viewing angle allows you to cover a large area with just a single camera.

This sample footage shows how well-balanced the image quality is despite the various shaded, darker areas and a number of strong light sources (florescent lights and windows) being present within the scene we recorded. The SNC-CX600 handles the differences between the darker and brighter areas very well, making the picture useful throughout.

Don’t forget to select ‘HD 720p’ as the viewing resolution under ‘Settings’ in the YouTube player.

Published on August 4th, 2014 by Jessica Brooks

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