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LILIN LR7022 showing day/night switching

LILIN LR7022 bullet network cameraThe LILIN LR7022 bullet IP camera has been our best-selling CCTV camera for the last 12 months. Its price v. feature set and performance makes it a very attractive solution for many installations. One of its key features is the automatic day/night switching, whereby the camera produces full colour images in light conditions and automatically turns on the integrated infrared LEDs and switches to monochrome video capture when light levels drop, and vice versa.

To show this in action we created a quick video clip which starts in complete darkness (0 lux) with the infrared LEDs on and then shows the camera switching to full colour when the light is turned on.

The other infrared night-vision cameras in the LILIN range perform in a similar way but each may have a different infrared range or spread.

Published on July 3rd, 2014 by Frank Crouwel

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