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New Axis T83 range of compact microphones launched

axis_t83Axis has launched the T83 series of compact microphones providing high-performance audio in most scenarios. The new microphones are compatible with Axis network cameras with audio input support, offering high quality audio data that can add valuable information to CCTV monitoring operations.

The T83 are omni-directional condenser microphones, therefore are equally sensitive to sound from any direction, making them easy to deploy in scenarios where the direction of sound sources may be difficult to predict. Their miniature design enables flexible, discreet installation in most places, suitable for covert audio detection or to complement video surveillance footage. Designed with regard to a neutral frequency response, the Axis T83 microphones can capture any sound without distorting natural tone. Taking power from the Axis IP camera it is connected to, the T83 microphones are very easy to deploy.

This diagram shows the frequency range of the Axis T83 range of accessory microphones:

Axis T83 microphones frequency

Audio detection is a useful tool for security staff, allowing operators to effectively assess the urgency of emergency situations, such as for example loud unusual noise, shouting, abusive language and slamming doors. A microphone can also extend the use of a network camera as an intercom system for communication at exits and entrances. Other surveillance applications for the Axis T83 microphones include cash points (ATMs), custody suites, detention centres, customs offices, banks or post offices.

What does each of the T83 microphones offer?

Axis T8351

  • 3.5mm adapter
  • Compatible with M, P and Q series of Axis IP cameras
  • Provides enhanced audio compared to built-in microphones
  • IP66-rated: can be used in covered outdoor environments, such as under canopies and in train stations
  • Optional 5m extension cable (sold separately) enables installation nearer to the sound source
  • Comes with a wide range of mounting accessories for easy installation on ceilings or walls

Axis T8353A

  • Ultra-compact for covert audio surveillance
  • 3.5mm adapter
  • Compatible with Axis M-, P- and Q-line IP cameras
  • Studio-grade audio quality
  • Ideal for demanding applications where covert audio is mission critical
  • Can be mounted on walls, ceilings or hard surfaces using the T8353 mount (sold separately)

Axis T8353B

  • Ultra-compact for covert audio detection
  • Supports Phantom Power
  • XLR connector and pigtail adaptor for use with audio equipment
  • Compatible with Axis P8221 network I/O audio module
  • Studio-grade audio quality
  • Better for longer cable runs
  • Optional T8353 mount kit available  for fitting to walls, ceiling or hard surfaces

View this video from Axis highlighting the features of the T83 series:

The Axis T83 microphones come with a 3 year warranty.

Published on May 15th, 2014 by Jessica Brooks

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