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Axis Camera Companion and Buffalo Terastation NAS – A good combination

axis-buffalo-blogAxis Camera Companion software comes included with every Axis IP camera and provides video management for up to 16 cameras, suitable for small and medium-sized IP CCTV systems. Easily installed on any Windows computer, the software provides a simple-to-use system that is ideal for business owners, managers and home owners alike.

Combine Axis Camera Companion with a Buffalo TeraStation Networked Attached Storage (NAS) device and you have a cost-effective, robust CCTV system with plenty of capacity.

Axis IP cameras can be configured to record directly to a Buffalo Terastation NAS, reducing overall cost and simplifying set up and use.  Axis Camera Companion software makes configuring an Axis-Buffalo system a doddle and it gives users easy access to recordings as well as live cameras.

The recent Axis Camera Companion 2.1 release includes a ‘One-Click’ feature that simplifies deployment of a multi-camera network as it enables seamless communication between the Buffalo NAS and Axis cameras. After Axis Camera Companion determines the number of cameras on the network, the user selects which cameras to manage and Axis Camera Companion automatically sets it up for you, including user rights and shares. It then automatically configures the cameras to connect to the NAS. The new release also includes a set-up wizard to easily install the Buffalo NAS onto the system.

The Buffalo and Axis Camera Companion combination eliminates the need for investment in a dedicated Network Video Recorder (NVR) or expensive recording server as CCTV images are transferred from the cameras directly onto the NAS. With several RAID levels available the Buffalo Terastation NAS provides a secure and reliable solution for keeping your CCTV footage safe.

Axis Camera Companion supports direct-to-NAS recording in addition to its capability to record to on-camera SD cards. Using a Buffalo NAS over and above SD cards will give you much more storage capacity allowing high-definition, high-frame rate recording. It also provides more robustness and easy scalability. In addition, support for Buffalo NAS enables cameras without edge storage capability to be part of an Axis Camera Companion system.

Mobile access and use of Axis Camera Companion is available via the Viewer for Axis Camera Companion App.

All in all, using a high-performance Buffalo Terastation NAS with Axis IP cameras and the free Axis Camera Companion software is a smart, cost-effective way to set up and use a CCTV system.

Published on May 15th, 2014 by Jessica Brooks

One Response to “Axis Camera Companion and Buffalo Terastation NAS – A good combination”

  1. Lee says:

    What was the exact model of the Buffalo TeraStation you had success with?

    Would a TERASTATION 1200 work?

    We currently have a Buffalo Linkstation 220 and its causing problems with Axis Companion playback performance.