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Coming soon: Axis P14 series of bullet cameras

axis-p14-new-series-borderThe market for IP bullet cameras with integrated infrared LEDs has been a crowded place for years, mainly dominated by lower-end manufacturers. Premium brand manufacturers have been cautious with building infrared LEDs into their cameras for a long time but in recent years we have seen some mid-range and higher-end products appearing from the likes of Axis, Sony and Panasonic. The reason for this is that LED technology has improved a lot and LEDs have become much more durable, now matching the longevity of other components used in cameras. We anticipate a trend that premium manufacturers will increasingly expand in the lower-cost market for infrared IP cameras, since there is a high demand for this type of product worldwide.

Axis for example already launched the more cost-effective M1144-L and M3024-LVE last year and now it is launching a new P14 series of bullet-style network cameras with and without integrated IR for night-vision in darkness. Although we are unable to reveal prices at this point, the Axis P14 camera series are attractively priced and we expect the units to be in high demand as soon as they hit the market in the next few months.

Axis P14 series – A quick overview 

The initial launch will include the following seven models:

  • Axis P1405-E / -LE featuring HD 1080p and a DC-iris, available with or without integrated infrared LEDs
  • Axis P1425-E / -LE sporting HD 1080p resolution and P-iris for increased depth of view, available as a standard day/night model or with integrated IR LEDs
  • Axis P1427-E / -LE with 5 megapixel resolution and P-iris, available as a day/night model or with IR LEDs
  • Axis P1428-E featuring the new 4K resolution standard (3840 x 2160) with P-iris, which is the higher-end camera in the range

In addition to the specific camera characteristics the whole range benefits from H.264 main profile, multi stream configuration, on-board card storage, HTTPS encryption for security and PoE support for ease of installation.

As with all Axis cameras mobile viewing has been easy and there are a multitude of video management platforms that can be used such as the free edge-based Axis Camera Companion software, Axis Camera Station or open platform providers Milestone Xprotect software and NUUO NVRs.

The Axis P14 series is due to be launched later in quarter 2 and we’ll have them available as soon as the first batch arrives in the UK. [Update Nov 2014 – these cameras are now available from stock]

Published on April 24th, 2014 by Frank Crouwel

3 Responses to “Coming soon: Axis P14 series of bullet cameras”

  1. Kevin Bowyer says:

    These cameras are now available from stock at NW.

  2. Kevin Bowyer says:

    Will do! We've had one in our hands, but had to give it back, sadly… Soon, very soon.

  3. Bish Ashleigh says:

    Please let me know when you have a AXIS P1428-E in stock