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Axis Camera Station V4 launched

axis-camera-stationAvailable at £70 per video channel Axis Camera Station software offers an attractive video recording and management solution for small and medium-sized installations up to 100 IP camera channels. Version 4 of this software was launched this week and is now available for purchase or as a free trial download.

The latest Axis Camera Station update sees a new interface aimed to improve the user experience and ease of use, whilst a setup wizard with automatic camera discovery and automatically installed advanced video motion detection make it much easier to get up and running than in previous versions.

It is worth pointing out that Axis Camera Station software is not ‘open platform’ such as for example Milestone recording software and only can be used with Axis IP cameras and Axis video encoders. This somewhat limits its use but it is perfect if you favour an end-to-end Axis system whereby the deep integration between cameras and software creates benefits such as smooth and reliable operation and optimised use of the cameras’ video output formats, such as, for example, 180° panoramic or 360° hemispheric recording with quad view layouts and digital PTZ for CCTV analysis in detail.

Other new and improved features include 64-bit server support, easy drag-and-drop action for creating bespoke display layouts and manual recording activation from live views. Playback of footage has been made easier and manual control of I/O ports is also possible, allowing, for example, switching lights on/off, opening doors etc., all via the on-screen Axis Camera Station interface.

Axis Camera Station promotional video:

Published on March 27th, 2014 by Frank Crouwel

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