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2nd generation Y-cam Bullet HD cameras. What’s new?

Y-cam Solutions Bullet HD Network CameraY-cam Solutions have launched their 2nd generation Y-cam Bullet HD cameras, available in either HD 720p or  HD 1080p versions. Y-cam is a popular camera brand amongst home users and small and medium sized businesses, with all Y-cam models offering wireless capabilities, ease of use and compatibility with a wide range of operating systems, browsers and mobile platforms. So how have the new 2nd generation Y-cam Bullet HD cameras improved from the first generation models?

Firstly, Wi-Fi set-up is easier than before with a new, well-designed user interface that makes camera configuration a better experience, and no cable is required this time! When using Power over Ethernet (PoE) instead of Wi-Fi the PoE module is now within the camera and no breakout box required, whilst the cable can be hidden through a cable-managed bracket, all in all making the installation much neater.

Further, improved edge storage capabilities mean that the 2nd generation Bullet HD cameras can now support MicroSD cards with 64GB of storage, allowing longer retention times or higher frame rate and resolution.

The new, higher quality lens provides enhanced colour representation and an improved low-light view, improving  image quality throughout the day and night. For the Y-cam Bullet HD 1080p, the maximum frame rate has seen a slight increase from 15fps to 18fps but the effect of this is probably not noticeable to most of us.

Another improved component is the integrated electret microphone, which provides more crisp and clear audio capture with less noise, helping to enhance your video-audio evidence material.  And now ONVIF 2.0 compatible, the new Y-cam Bullets are interoperable with many third party storage providers and video management systems.

In alignment with the rest of the Y-cam range the new Bullet HD IP cameras use the same streaming (RTSP) paths as the Y-cam Cube series, unifying all current products and making them compatible with many 3rd party software and hardware products.

All in all, the 2nd generation Y-cam Bullet HD cameras offer improved performance all-round and the sleeker, more compact design makes them suitable for installation in many more places, indoor and outdoor, and both at home and in businesses. The Y-cam Bullet models have always been popular and with these improvements we’d expect for this trend to continue. View the Y-cam range of network cameras now for further information.

Published on March 12th, 2014 by Frank Crouwel

One Response to “2nd generation Y-cam Bullet HD cameras. What’s new?”

  1. John McMillan says:

    Paragraph 3 is ambiguous. Can you use a SD card with this camera? How? Does it have a SD slot? I can't see any reference to this on the manufacturers website, have you got this right?