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The new generation of Mobotix cameras

mobotix-blogTalked about since summer last year the next generation of Mobotix IP cameras is finally here and available. Not having seen any real improvements from Mobotix since the introduction of the benchmark setting 14 and 24 camera series in 2009 / 2010  we felt Mobotix was falling behind somewhat in recent years. But it was worth the wait. The new generation of Mobotix cameras is a big leap forward and puts Mobotix right back into it.  So what makes Mobotix an attractive solution again?


First off, the decentralised concept of the Mobotix solution has always been an attractive one. With the ever growing increase of chips’ processing power and storage cards capacity the rise of edge-based systems is set to gather pace. And with the very impressive MxActivitySensor on-camera intelligent video analytics system Mobotix takes the lead amongst the many IP camera manufacturers. In a nutshell, MxActivitySensor is an intelligent video motion detection system that, out-of-the box, can ‘learn’ a scene and over time is able to distinguish between environmental noise elements (such as clouds, swaying trees, rain or streaming water) and human activity. The result is much more accurate alert detection, significantly reducing false alarm notifications, which not only removes a great deal of nuisance but also saves on the use of storage capacity as false alarm events are no longer being recorded, not in large volumes anyway. And all this takes place inside the camera.

With all the video analytics processing and recording of CCTV footage taking place at the edge (i.e. on the camera) no bandwidth is being used for these functions to take place, contrary to the constant data transfer that takes place when using a server-based (central) video management system. In addition to on-camera video storage, recording can also take place directly from the camera to a NAS, making a Mobotix system suitable for any size system, from stand-alone camera operation to enterprise-level installations, offering great resilience and a cost-effective solution when there is a need for scaling up over time.

Low light megapixel performance

Further, due to the laws of physics good low light performance in multi-megapixel cameras, such as the Mobotix cameras, has always been a challenge. Though, more and more camera manufacturers are finding a way around this, mainly by developing smart software that can enhance the perceived low light performance. Mobotix is no different. So does their new generation of network cameras benefit from MxLEO (Lowlight Exposure Optimisation), which in simple terms is an in-camera software-based technology that uses 2 million pixels from a 5 megapixel sensor to capture additional light and uses this to enhance the light performance of the cameras’ 3 megapixel resolution video output (a simple 5 = 2 + 3). As a result, low light performance of Mobotix megapixel cameras is now at the high end of the spectrum.

No software license fees

Feedback we often receive is that customers like Mobotix because of the included management software, which like the cameras’ firmware sees frequent feature updates free of charge. Plus, customers like the fact that no beefy (costly) server is required to run a Mobotix camera system. Two free management software products are on offer: MXControlCenter video management software suited for larger installations and MXEasy, which is suitable for smaller CCTV installations up to 16 cameras.

Both MxControlCenter and MxEasy are a client software that make system management easy and user-friendly, whilst the processor intensive tasks and video recording is carried out by software (including MxActivitySensor and MXLeo) on the cameras, meaning that both MXControlCenter and MXEasy only require a standard PC to run from. And to allow everybody to use a Mobotix network camera system, MXEasy is also available for MAC and Linux, whilst mobile access is available for iOS using the Mobotix App.

Optimum CCTV coverage

A final point, which is not new within the Mobotix concept but still pretty unique in the market and therefore still worth mentioning, is that all Mobotix cameras offer very wide angle views (including 180°  and 360° surround views) in high detail, which in practice means that often fewer cameras are required to monitor a scene.

Published on February 27th, 2014 by Frank Crouwel

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