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Archive for 2013

Technology improvements, definition of interoperability standards and a clear SMB business case, all combine to make the time right for VSaaS

August 7th, 2013 by Frank Crouwel

There has been a great deal of talk about Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) in recent years. Authoritative sources are starting to highlight the business case for VSaaS or Hosted Video Storage.

As the SecurityInfoWatch article indicates, there are many different flavours of hosted surveillance storage. The argument runs that the advent of multi-megapixel HD cameras and the proliferation of these cameras have created an explosion of video data which all needs to be stored and managed.

The article suggests a hybrid video surveillance storage model using internal (i.e. in-house DVR, NVR, VMS-embedded server, NAS or other storage device) and external storage (i.e. cloud) usage being increasingly considered by larger enterprises.  The cloud could be used for holding backups in this hybrid scenario, for example.


The new Mobotix MxActivitySensor is a leap forward in Intelligent Video Motion Detection technology

August 5th, 2013 by Kevin Bowyer

mobotix-logoMxActivitySensor is a new, ‘intelligent’ video motion detection technology from German camera manufacturer Mobotix, which has been supplied freely with their cameras since June 2013. It is a software-based tool within the Mobotix cameras themselves that has the ability to ‘learn’ the scene it is viewing and to differentiate between detected motion that is of potential interest and motion that is of no interest. This clever technology will for example exclude swaying trees or moving water as a trigger for motion detection. Now, this in itself is not new, since we have been able to configure systems in this way for many years. But MxActivitySensor is different in that it needs little configuration, it is intelligent and can learn scenes over time. You just switch it on and it works.


Overlooked? LILIN CMX recording software

July 31st, 2013 by Kevin Bowyer

LILIN touch screen wide screen monitorLILIN has been offering free recording software with their IP cameras for years. However, we feel this is not much promoted and LILIN product users often are not aware of it.

It seems that this software is somewhat overlooked in the market, hence this blog post to highlight its usefulness and create more awareness amongst our readership.


Edge-based recording on the rise

July 10th, 2013 by Frank Crouwel

Axis edge recordingOriginal SD cards, called ‘SD Standard Capacity’ or SDSC, could provide only 2GB of storage only 10 years ago. High Capacity SD cards (SDHC) offering up to 32GB reached the market in number some five years ago. This development prompted an explosion of IP surveillance camera launches with in-built SD card slots designed for edge-based recording.

Moore’s Law continues to go to work so that today SDXC cards (eXtended Capacity SD Cards) already offer 2TB of storage capacity. 128 GB SDHC and SDXC cards are available today in larger and larger numbers and prices are falling fast. This is a game changer for edge-based recording because it makes the storing of high frame rate HD video images increasingly easy and inexpensive.  To give you an idea of the level of penetration of edge recording – of the 69 network cameras listed in Axis’ latest product comparison tables published in February 2013, 45 now offer SD card slots. Almost every new camera model launched this year comes with a SD card slot.


Axis release new versions of popular P13 series network cameras – P1355, P1355-E, P1357 and P1357-E

June 14th, 2013 by Kevin Bowyer

Axis P13-series IP cameraIP camera specialists Axis Communications have released four significant new network camera models this month under the existing P13 series. The high-end Axis P1357, P1357-E, P1355 and P1355-E fixed network cameras offer a variety of advanced, useful features for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Take a look at the newly introduced network cameras, now available for purchase.


Press release: Online surveillance camera store NetworkWebcams.co.uk brings affordable HD Video Surveillance to UK Small Businesses

June 5th, 2013 by Kevin Bowyer

UK-based online surveillance camera retailer NetworkWebcams.co.uk is launching a new three-tier, cloud-based video surveillance service called Cameramanager into the UK from this week.


How useful are the Home Office’s i-LIDS video analytics tests in today’s world?

May 24th, 2013 by Kevin Bowyer

Logo: i-LIDSFollowing NW Systems Group’s look at the new Surveillance Camera Code last month, we decided to follow up this month by taking a closer look at the world of video analytics.

How to use the Focus Assistant on Axis IP Cameras

April 23rd, 2013 by Kevin Bowyer

Axis P1343 Focus AssistantA useful, but often overlooked feature on Axis model network cameras P1311/P1343/P1344/P1346/P1347  is the Focus Assistant. Focusing security cameras via the lens levers can be a tricky business and any installer welcomes a neat trick or device that makes this vital step of the installation process easier and more accurate.

Using this tool it is possible to focus the camera accurately without looking at the video image output from the camera, but to adjust the focus and get visual feedback from the camera itself when the view is nearing and has hit that focus sweet spot.


Milestone announces new products for medium and large sized installations

April 10th, 2013 by Kevin Bowyer

Milestone, the open platform leader in video management and recording software for security and surveillance, has announced changes to their product range affecting medium and large installations, available from May 21st 2013.


Sony IP Cameras now with 3 Years Warranty

April 8th, 2013 by Kevin Bowyer

Sony IPELA logoSony has announced an extension of the warranty period from one to three years on their SNC range of network cameras and SNT series of video encoders. As from 1st April 2013, we (as Sony Certified Partners) sell all Sony network cameras and video encoders with a Three Year Advanced Replacement Warranty as standard.