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NEW: LILIN Z-series. What’s different?

lilin-zr6122Part of their popular iMEGAPRO camera range, LILIN have launched the new Z-series of network cameras. The Z-series is different in that the cameras benefit from a handy new feature: ‘auto-focus with zoom’ using a motorised lens. The auto-focus feature makes installation a doddle, allowing remote, optimised focussing by a simple click.

First launched are the LILIN ZD2322, ZD6122 and ZR6122 with the ZR2322 following soon. The ZR-models benefit from integrated infrared LEDs over the ZD-versions, whilst the series offer an outdoor and indoor version of each.

Before we look at the differences between the Z-series models, lets look at the commonalities and how they differ from other LILIN cameras:

  • HD 1080p at 30 frames per second, delivers crip and smooth video footage
  • The Z-series unique feature: auto-focus and zoom with motorised lens for quick and easy installation and remote (re-)focussing  (see demo video below)
  • Also unique within the LILIN camera range, the Z-series offer a much wider viewing angle of 91.2° through the use of a wide-ranging 3mm to 10.5mm varifocal lens (a key benefit over other LILIN IP cameras in our view)
  • LILIN Sense Up+ technology delivers increased sensor sensitivity for high quality images in low light conditions
  • True day/night capability, i.e. the cameras all feature an automatic infrared cut filter ensuring full colour image capturing during the day whilst switching to more sensitive monochrome image capture at night, offering 24/7 CCTV
  • Other key features: two-way audio, on-camera SD card storage, built-in video motion detection, PoE, 2D wide dymic range (WDR), 3D noise reduction, multi-profile streaming, LILIN CMX recording software included and easy mobile viewing

Watch this video on how the Z series auto focus works:

So what are the differences between models?


The ZD2322 camera is the base model for the Z series, designed for indoor use with the in-ceiling mount kit providing neat installation and discreet surveillance, ideal for use in lobbies, restaurants, hotels, GP surgeries and retail stores.

ZR2322 (to be launched)

The ZR2322 is coming soon (January 2014), which will be the same as the ZD2322 but with built-in infrared LEDs to provide night-vision in darkness.


The ZD6122 dome network camera has an IP67 weather-proof rating as well as an IK10 rating for impact resistance, making this model suitable for use outdoors and in areas at risk of vandalism. The ZD6122 is the outdoor, more robust version of the ZD2322 and the recommended option for when the camera can be easily tampered with (e.g. at low height). It is ideal for indoor car parks and in and around train and bus stations.


The most advanced IP camera of the new LILIN Z series is the ZR6122, which is the same as the ZD6122 model but with integrated infrared LEDs, offering a radiant distance of up to 25 metres and allowing CCTV monitoring at night when no other light sources are present.  This camera is ideal for drive and pathways, site entrances and dark car parks.

Customer feedback

The customer feedback on the  LILIN range of IP video products has been very good this year and with the additional features in the Z-series (auto-focus through motorised lens and a wider maximum viewing angle) the LILIN product portfolio keeps maturing and now offers a real, cost-effective alternative to premium branded products without compromising a great deal on overall quality.

Compatible recording solutions

LILIN IP cameras are compatible with the open platform Milestone XProtect video management software as well LILIN’s own CMX recording software (free), whilst the LILIN NVR range offers an end-to-end solution to those that prefer an embedded network video recorder over running software on a Windows server.

View the full LILIN product line up, including video encoders, PoE switches and available accessories: LILIN IP product portfolio.


Published on November 28th, 2013 by Kevin Bowyer

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