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Mobotix further improves low light performance with MxLEO

With the latest release of the MOBOTIX camera firmware comes MxLEO, their further advancements to improve low light performance within the MOBOTIX multi-megapixel camera range. MxLEO was demonstrated to us at the Mobotix International Partner Conference that took place in Germany earlier this week.

MxLEO example image showing performance with and without MxLEO activated

MxLEO, which stands for Lowlight Exposure Optimisation, takes advantage of the new 5-megapixel sensors in the M15, D15, V15 and S15 ranges of cameras (and soon with the Q25 when it is released) to improve low light image quality and reduce issues of motion blur and image noise previously common in Mobotix cameras.

Using shorter exposure times and the extra pixel resolution with the new 5 megapixel colour sensors, it is now possible to retain colour images with MOBOTIX, even down as far as 0.005lux. Perceived image quality is impressive and compared against low light operation we saw in the M14, D14 and V14 series, the results are a distinct improvement.

MxLEO is built in to the latest firmware (introduced in version 4.1.9 and improved further in version 4.1.10) and comes pre-set for optimum operation, though further configuration is possible. MxLEO is complementary to MxActivitySensor, MOBOTIX’  intelligent video motion detection (VMD) system making its detection of travelling movement more effective at night and in low light conditions. This firmware also supports MxBUS in the new models. Importantly, when this software is uploaded to a camera exposure settings should be looked at as the default settings may differ from the settings already in the camera.

MxLEO now comes as standard in the latest Mobotix IP cameras.

Published on November 22nd, 2013 by Kevin Bowyer

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