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NEW: Axis Q604-E outdoor PTZ dome series. What are the improvements from the Q603-E range?

Early this December Axis Communications are launching the new Q604-E range of outdoor PTZ dome network cameras to replace the existing Q603-E range. With 360° endless panning, 20° above horizon tilt and optical zoom abilities up to 36x, all the Axis Q60-E models provide high performance, high-end surveillance. So what’s new and what’s the difference between models?

First of all, there are three new models:

AXIS Q6045-E: HD 1080p with pan, tilt and 20x optical zoom

AXIS Q6044-E: HD 720p with pan, tilt and 30x optical zoom

AXIS Q6042-E: extended D1 resolution with pan, tilt and 36x optical zoom

General features 

General improvements from the Q603-E range are enhanced video compression with H.264 Main Profile, better surge protection, IK10 vandal resistance and a new shock detection feature. There is increased processing capacity for third-party intelligent video applications, whilst the product design, dimensions, ease of installation (including PoE+) and mounting options are the same as the predecessors.  The new units now also feature Image Stabilisation which produces better image output in windy conditions.

Unchanged are key high-level features such as ‘auto-tracking’ whereby the camera automatically detects a moving object within its field of view and follows it, and ‘active gatekeeper’ which, on motion detection, automatically moves the camera to a pre-set position, in a pre-defined area and then tracks the detected object.

Model specific features – Q6044-E and Q6045-E

The Q6044-E and Q6045-E have improved light sensitivity, lower image noise in darker conditions and increased sharpness.

Useful for foggy conditions, the Q6044-E now has an ‘automatic de-fog feature’ which filters out fog from the image to provide clearer video when ambient visibility is poor.

Example of highlight compensation

Example of highlight compensation

The Q6045-E has ‘highlight compensation technology’ which the previous Q6035-E did not. This advanced feature prevents saturation from bright light sources such as car headlights, ensuring that objects can be recognised whatever bright spots there may be. In addition, the Axis Q6035-E has some handy built-in video analytics, including object/people counting, alarm trigger on object removed, a virtual fence detector and directional enter/exit detection.

Comparing old v. new

Lets see what the visual results are of the imaging improvements:

Increased sharpness


Clearer images in low light day mode


Less noise in low light, night mode


Less noise in low light light, day mode


Clearer images in night mode


The new, improved Q604-E models come in at a lower price than the Q603-E range, offering additional performance at a lower cost. A PoE+ midspan and Axis Camera Companion are included also.

The new range will be available in December 2013.

For more product information, view the new Axis Q604-E PTZ dome cameras now.

Published on November 13th, 2013 by Kevin Bowyer

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