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Axis M30-VE IP camera series expanded with new M3026-VE 3 megapixel camera

axis_m3024-ve-blogAxis have announced the launch of the M3026-VE network camera featuring a 105° wide viewing angle and 3 megapixel progressive scan CMOS sensor, complementing the already popular M3024-LVE and the M3025-VE that were launched only this summer as part of the new Axis M30-VE outdoor mini dome range.

The new M3026-VE is similar to the M3025-VE with the main differences being 3 megapixel resolution and a 105° viewing angle versus 2 megapixel / HD 1080p resolution and a 91° viewing angle found in the M3025-VE. For this greater resolution and wider angle you’ll pay £72 extra (at time of launch).

Key generic features of the new M30-VE range of IP domes are:

  • Outdoor-ready, impact resistant and unobtrusive compact form factor
  • Day / night functionality
  • PoE support for one cable installation
  • 3-axis lens angle adjustment
  • Built-in video motion detection (VMD)
  • Edge storage
  • Multi-view streaming
  • Input / output ports for integration with external alarm devices or triggers

The Axis M3024-LVE model has the added benefit of integrated infrared LEDs, which deliver night vision in complete darkness up to about 10 metres, whereas the M3025-VE and M3026-VE will need some light in order to be able to deliver a picture. However, both are infrared sensitive and can be used with additional infrared illumination to perform in complete darkness as well.

As with all Axis cameras, the three units also benefit from support for Axis Camera Companion, the freely downloadable video management software that enables you to set up a CCTV system with all the recordings being stored on the cameras’ SD cards and / or a NAS, negating the need for a recording server or NVR, and providing an attractive, cost-effective solution for small installations of up to 16 cameras. Mobile access support via smartphones and tablets is also well-supported.

In particular, the M3024-LVE with IR LED night vision has taken the market by storm. Cameras with integrated IR are traditionally a sector of the market dominated by Asian manufacturers but it seems Axis will catch up quickly with affordable, high-performers such as this model.

Due to its compactness and useful feature set, the Axis M30-VE range is ideal for many different scenarios including the use in and around schools, forecourts, hotels, leisure facilities and office buildings.

Note that we are currently offering free 32GB SD cards with the M30-VE cameras.

Published on October 29th, 2013 by Kevin Bowyer

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