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Milestone announces new products for medium and large sized installations

Milestone, the open platform leader in video management and recording software for security and surveillance, has announced changes to their product range affecting medium and large installations, available from May 21st 2013.

Milestone XProtect Expert screenshotNew products include XProtect Expert, which is a ‘lite’ version of XProtect Corporate and a suited alternative to XProtect Enterprise, and Milestone Interconnect, a software add-on which enables remote sites to use other XProtect versions, yet with XProtect Corporate as the central server. This is an interesting development by Milestone and should provide enhanced flexibility as well as cost options to customers with distributed recording requirements.

Also, Milestone have announced a partnership with Veracity and their Coldstore NAS product. Milestone’s Arcus embedded VMS will run on Coldstore, creating a ready-to-go enterprise-level recording and storage platform in a single box of up to 60TB of storage. For mid-sized installations with simplicity as a requirement this could be an ideal matching of two industry-leading products.

New versions of XProtect Corporate and XProtect Smart and Web clients will be released at the same time and we’ll write about what we think the changes bring at the time. Read the Milestone press release.

We are a Milestone Platinum partner authorised to supply and install all variants of the Milestone XProtect portfolio.

Published on April 10th, 2013 by Kevin Bowyer

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