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Milestone users – Be aware of PMA amnesty expiry on 2nd January

We’d like to inform our customers that the Milestone XProtect PMA/SUP amnesty is due to end on 2nd January 2013.

Milestone recently replaced their PMA (Product Maintenance Agreement) with an SUP (Software Upgrade Plan) and with this change introduced a beneficial amnesty meaning that if you were running Milestone without a valid PMA, you could buy an SUP without having to pay for backdating the agreement. This meant great savings for Milestone XProtect users who bought XProtect without a PMA or whose PMA had expired.

That amnesty ends on 2nd January 2013.

If you are running Milestone XProtect without a valid PMA/SUP then you have until 2nd January to pick one up. After that Milestone’s official line is that SUPs cannot be backdated. i.e. If you do not have a valid SUP after this date you will not be able to purchase one and your Milestone system is at risk of quickly becoming outdated.

Importantly, customers not purchasing an SUP will NO LONGER automatically receive Device Pack updates (newly supported cameras, firmware updates, bug fixes etc) with their Milestone license. For this reason we recommend that any customer currently without a valid SUP purchases one within the amnesty period (before 2nd January) in order to get future software upgrades.

Call us now on +44(0)151 633 2111 to make use of this offer before the amnesty runs out.

Published on December 20th, 2012 by Kevin Bowyer

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