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Lightfinder Technology now in popular Axis P33 IP dome range

Axis’ Lightfinder Technology, thus far only available in its top end ‘Q’ range of products, is now becoming available within the P33 range of IP dome cameras. This is good news as many installations will benefit from improved performance at night.

Some sample footage with the Lightfinder Technology in action:

Axis P33 cameras with Lightfinder Technology

The technology is being rolled out in stages and not all P33 cameras are being replaced at once.

Here is a current overview of the P33 cameras that will give you the additional benefit of the new Lightfinder Technology:

P3353 indoor with SVGA resolution, replaces the P3343, and costs just £398 / €498

P3363-V indoor vandal-resistant with SVGA, replaces the P3343-V, and costs £463 / €579

P3363-VE outdoor vandal-resistant with SVGA, replaces the P3343-VE, costs £541 / €676

P3354 indoor with HD 720p, replaces the P3344, and costs £463 / €579

P3364-V indoor vandal-resistant with HD 702p, replaces the P3344-V, costs £528 / €660

P3364-VE outdoor vandal-resistant with HD 720p, replaces the P3344-VE, costs just £633 / 791

Newly added to the range is the P3384-V indoor and P3384-VE outdoor units, both offering vandal-resistance, Lightfinder Technology, day/night switching as well as Wide Dynamic Range (WDR).

On paper these P3384 units look like a very impressive piece of kit. We have a unit on order and are expecting it to come in the middle of October. We’ll put it to test then and share our findings with you on this blog.

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Published on October 4th, 2012 by Frank Crouwel

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