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Product launch: Updates to the Axis P33 series

Earlier this year we looked into how effective the Lightfinder technology was at capturing color video in near-dark conditions.

Following the success of the Lightfinder system, Axis have started implementing it across other camera ranges. The first to be upgraded is the Axis P33 range.

The Axis P3353 and P3354 are indoor cameras which feature SVGA and 720p resolution respectively, replacing the P3343 and P3344. Like the existing P33 cameras, they offer a P-iris lens, integrated recording and automatic focus.

With added vandal-resistant casing, the P3363-V and P3364-V are ruggedized for installation in exposed locations. Additionally, these cameras offer two-way audio for interactive communication with people in view.

Finally, the outdoor-ready P3363-VE and P3364-VE feature IP66-rated casings, protecting them when installed outdoors.

In addition to Lightfinder, the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology Axis unveiled on the Q1604 has also been implemented in the P3384-V and P3384-VE. This WDR system captures detail in light and dark areas simultaneously, ensuring that crucial data isn’t lost in demanding light conditions. Both cameras produce HD 720p video and feature a choice of vandal-resistant indoor or outdoor-ready housings.

This unique technology helps to bolster Axis’ already impressive feature set, pushing them ahead of the competition in low-light surveillance.

Published on October 2nd, 2012 by Greg

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