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What’s new in Axis Camera Companion v1.2?

Last week, Axis announced a new version of its Axis Camera Companion (ACC) software which allows small security systems to be created very quickly and in a user-friendly manner.

Aimed at the retail market, but applicable to small systems of up to 16 cameras in any sector, and touted in some discussions as a ‘VMS Killer’ (which I don’t think it is – more on this another time), the updated version includes support for audio, Corridor Format (portrait orientation) video, digital evidence features and more integration options.

So what are the changes?

Audio support

There’s no point in having a microphone on your camera if you can’t use it, right? ACC now provides live audio feeds from each compatible camera and there’s no lengthy configuration required. Simply click and listen.

Support for Axis’ unique Corridor Format

The 16:9 aspect ratio provided by most newer IP cameras is not ideal when a camera is pointed down a long corridor. Most of the image real estate is wasted in capturing the corridor walls. Axis’ Corridor Format prevents this, providing a 9:16 aspect, ideal for tall, narrow views and maximising the available resolution.

Public view monitoring

You’ll have seen these in most supermarkets. Security feeds are usually displayed at entrances to highlight that surveillance is in place. This feature is now available to ACC using a third-party application downloaded to a mobile device. The device then connects to security monitors to display live feeds.

Digital signing / evidence protection

A digital signature is a way of ensuring that video footage is not altered before being passed to the authorities. Data is added to the video file which can be verified later to confirm its authenticity. It allows CCTV operators to confirm that the exported video has not been tampered with.

What is ACC?

Axis Camera Companion ties together live HD camera monitoring and playback of recordings with an intuitive graphical interface. The software integrates with each camera’s on-board, SD card recording system and with viewing applications available for iPhone, iPad and Android, monitoring on-the-move is quick and easy.

Axis Camera Companion is a free software tool downloadable from the Axis website.

See the range of Axis network cameras here.

Published on September 21st, 2012 by Kevin Bowyer

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