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New from Milestone: Mobile 2 and a simplified Web Client

Following the launch of the Milestone mobile app at the end of last year we have seen some great improvements in 2012 and now Mobile 2 is here.

First let’s catch up, Milestone XProtect Mobile is a free application for smartphones and tablets specially designed for use with the Milestone XProtect suite of video management software. It enables users to access and monitor their Milestone video system when on the go. The app runs on Android 2.2 (TM) and iOS5 and higher. It is available for download on the App Store and on Google Play.

Mobile 2 is just one of three ways to access your Milestone system, with the Smart Client (installed software offering full functionality) and the Web Client (browser-based access with some limitation – more about this later) being the other two methods. This flexiblity is available with all Milestone XProtect products and gives you a powerful system that you can control from anywhere.

So what’s new in Mobile 2?

First and foremost is a new feature Milestone has called Video Push. It enables you to use the camera in your phone or tablet to be used to record video footage and push this footage to your Milestone XProtect server so that it is recorded and stored with all your other camera recordings. In essence, your mobile device becomes an additional security camera which you can deploy at any time you want, with the footage being organised and stored in exactly the same way as footage from the fixed security cameras on your system.

It is a hugely beneficial new feature for those situations that require instant evidence gathering. I was recently shown pictures of a warehouse employee who had made himself a bed in a hidden corner, out of sight of CCTV cameras, where he would sleep during the night shift. He was caught by a camera on a mobile phone. With Video Push this kind of footage can be uploaded to the central monitoring system immediately so that it can be protected and used as evidence.

Secondly, Mobile 2 allows you to control basic Input/Output (I/O) functions via mobiles, such as for example switching a light on and off or trigger events such as playing a pre-recorded warning message. It puts some control functionality that only used to be available via the Smart Client into your hands.

Other new benefits within Mobile 2 are optimised secure encryption for communication between mobile and server and easier management functions.

XProtect Mobile 2 is included free of charge with the following versions of Milestone software: XProtect Enterprise 8.1, XProtect Professional 8.1, XProtect Express 1.1, XProtect NVR 2, XProtect Essential 2.1 and XProtect Go 2.1. You can download the Mobile 2 server component separately if you are running an older (compatible) version.

The good news about the new Web Client

As from now, the XProtect Web Client has become platform independent, allowing users to access their Milestone system via Mac, Linux or Windows computers. The Web Client is now compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer®9, Safari® 5, Google Chrome™16 and Mozilla® Firefox® 11.

The Web Client offers live view, playback of recordings per camera, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and pre-set control, export and share video footage, whilst it also offers HTTPS support.

Accessing your Milestone system – a round up

To wrap this up, a quick overview of the three different ways of accessing your Milestone system. And don’t forget, all three are included with your purchase at no additional cost

XProtect Smart Client: software-based, daily operator tool providing full functionality to manage and control installations of any size.

XProtect Web Client: a complement to the XProtect Smart Client, providing a quick and easy way to view, playback and share video via Mac, Linux or Windows computers via all common browsers.

XProtect Mobile: for when you are on the go, XProtect Mobile provides system access anytime via smart phones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad and Android phones

Interested? Take a look at the full Milestone product line up.

Published on September 20th, 2012 by Frank Crouwel

One Response to “New from Milestone: Mobile 2 and a simplified Web Client”

  1. Paul Adeleke says:

    I must say, the Xprotect web client cant play video on Safari or Google chrome browsers.
    HS24 video stream is only friendly with the I.E environment.
    Please fix this on the server side.