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Product Launch: Axis releases new IP camera range with built-in infrared illumination

Axis M1143-L

Axis communications, the world leader in IP network cameras, have expanded their range with the release of their first infrared indoor IP cameras.

The M11-L range features integrated infrared lighting, enabling the capture of video in complete darkness. In addition to this, SVGA or HD 720p resolution models are available with true day/night switching, PoE support, and integrated edge storage.

Aimed at the small-business market, the Axis M1143-L (SVGA) is available at £324, while the HD 720p Axis M1144-L comes in at £389. Both are perfect for use with the new Axis Camera Companion software, making it very easy to monitor live feeds and review recordings from a single application.

With such a large feature set and cost-effective price point, we expect the new M11-L IP cameras to compete well in the IP video marketplace.

Published on August 24th, 2012 by James Drinkwater

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