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Product launch: The Axis P5544 with pan-tilt-zoom and 360° hemispheric lenses

Axis have released the latest addition to their P55 pan-tilt-zoom range, the Axis P5544. Like the rest of the range, the P5544 features 18x optical zoom, day/night switching and IP51-rated casing. Where this IP camera differs is in the addition of a second lens to the base of the camera dome.

This additional hemispheric lens covers a full 360° view, letting viewers see footage from all around the camera at once. The video below shows the camera in action.

The Axis P5544 enjoys the benefits of both a 360° field of view and a 2nd pan, tilt and zoom camera, meaning video is captured from all around with no blind spots and manually-controlled, high detail shots are available on demand with the combined PTZ lens.

We think this camera is great for monitoring large, wide-open areas with high levels of pedestrian traffic such as supermarkets, malls, stadia and airports, capturing general overview footage with the ability to optically zoom in to capture clear facial features when required. The Axis P5544 is an innovative camera and a welcome new approach from the market leader.

Click through for more detailed information on the Axis P5544.

Published on July 5th, 2012 by James Drinkwater

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