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IFSEC 2012 round-up

IFSEC 2012

Just back from the annual security exhibition IFSEC in Birmingham, here is a round up of our findings at this year’s show.

First of all it was great to see that 95% of the CCTV products on display were IP-based rather than analogue, indicating that even the UK market has finally embraced IP as the undeniable future for video surveillance. We saw great improvements in products that we felt were not quite the finished article last year with high definition and multi-megapixel cameras now widely starting to incorporate more advanced imaging features such as wide dynamic range (WDR), much enhanced light sensitivity, improved H.264 implementations and other bandwidth-saving features, all-in-all resulting in higher quality video at faster frame rates.

Another notable development is that IP camera manufacturers have started to widely partner with Video Management Software / Systems (VMS) providers, indicating that open platform solutions are seen as the future and that we can expect less development in the market for end-to-end systems. This is trend we are pleased to see.

One of the hot topics at the conference was Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) with many reporting high growth rates of this web-based model, and high expectations for the future. No surprise that a number of new players launched VSaaS products at this year’s show. No doubt, there will be more of this in the years to come. We too think that VSaaS will become huge, our cloud-based service SecurityStation has been seeing great uptake in the last year.

For years Intelligent Video Analytics has been the other hot item and we now see more and more real-life implementations delivering some real benefits. But applications appear mainly niche and often tailored to a customer’s specific needs. As at this year’s IFSEC, we feel vendors often present Intelligent Video as usable and reliable ‘out-of-the-box’, ready for mass market adoption. We don’t see this in practice. Out-of-the-box Video Intelligence is still in an immature phase. Real Video Intelligence is available, but mainly as specifically designed and at a significant price tag. We feel that expectations at the lower end of the market should be better managed.

As one of the leading IP video specialists, for us it is great to see that IP camera manufacturers have been focussing on core technologies that improve video quality. We have now come to a point that users are blown away by the video quality that we can deliver, whilst this no longer has to cost a fortune.

And if there was not enough evidence that the market is now definitely tipping from analogue to IP, network camera manufacturer Axis Communications were confirmed by IMS Research to have gone top as the largest CCTV camera manufacturer globally. Quite some achievement.

Published on May 19th, 2012 by Emily

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