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NEW: Lilin iMEGAPRO HD 1080p range

Now available for purchase, the recently launched Lilin iMEGAPRO range of HD IP security cameras.

So what’s different about the iMEGAPRO range? First of all, the cameras are all full HD1080p compatible and come at a very affordable price point. For example, Lilin now offers a mini-dome IP camera for just £284. It’s ideal for discreet, hi-res indoor surveillance.

For a camera that’s robust and suitable for use outdoors, the feature-packed Lilin IPR-7424ESX comes with 35m infrared night-vision and is available for under £450.

iMEGAPRO cameras uniquely feature what Lilin calls ‘Sense Up Plus’ technology, which adjusts sensors and camera settings in reaction to low-light, ensuring best possible colour video capture under difficult light conditions.

Lilin seems to have found the sweet spot with iMEGAPRO, driving prices down whilst delivering high-quality image performance. It’s for other manufacturers now to respond.

See the Lilin iMEGAPRO promotional video below. For expert advice visit our IP camera store or call a specialist on 0151 633 2111.

Published on May 2nd, 2012 by David

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