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Milestone release XProtect Smart Client version 7.0

Milestone Smart Client 7.0 banner image

To coincide with the launch of their flagship VMS XProtect Corporate 5, Milestone has announce an upgraded version of their client software: Smart Client 7.0.

The upgrade is a substantial one. Milestone have completely redesigned the application, improving usability across the application and making it easier to manage installations of all sizes. They have streamlined the interface to give instant access to live and recorded video along with customisation options allowing the user to tailor their viewing experience to match their working environments. Using Milestone Integration Platform also allows control over various types of security and business systems such as point-of-sale integration or video analytics, direct from the new Smart Client.

Even though Smart Client 7.0 is launched alongside XProtect Corporate 5 it can be used right now with existing versions of Milestone which already support the Smart Client.

On top of the improved design there are also a number of new features available, including:

  • Bookmarking – allows you to flag video sequences and add descriptive notes, which enables better sharing of information with other users or authorities
  • Virtual joystick control – previously, PTZ control was limited to a “click to centre” method of control. With Smart Client 7.0 a crosshair is superimposed at the centre of a PTZ camera and you can drag the mouse from the centre point, like a virtual joystick. Of course, actual joysticks are still supported
  • Advanced export options allow for batch exporting of content across multiple formats simultaneously with the option for direct to optical storage included
  • New system monitoring tools provide valuable information on system storage and performance and instant access to log files

We will take a thorough look at it as soon as we get it. You’ll be able to see our evaluation on our blog later.

In the meantime read more about XProtect Smart Client.

Published on April 10th, 2012 by Kevin Bowyer

One Response to “Milestone release XProtect Smart Client version 7.0”

  1. Rommel Pastrana says:

    Is there a video sample of how the crosshair control the PTZ camera?
    Does the software support PELCO and VISCA protocols?
    How much does it cost?
    Can this client software works standalone without xProtect5?