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Latest Axis IP cameras offer a unique approach to surveillance

Security camera placement can often make face detection difficult when reviewing footage due to obstructions such as hats and hoods; leaving many business owners struggling to identify intruders and vandals after incidents. Axis have attempted to solve this issue with their latest offerings; the Axis P8513 and the Axis P8514.

These unique cameras are designed to be mounted at eye level, allowing close up images of facial features to be captured without obstruction for easy recognition, with footage available in either SVGA or HD720p resolution for sharp footage. With three colour schemes in place to mimic heating pipes or electrical conduit, the cameras blend in with surroundings for a true covert solution.

These cameras are quick to install, coming with a pre-mounted network cable, thereby reducing the need for wires, and as they support Power over Ethernet, no separate power supply is required. Additionally, Axis’ pixel counter system provides data on the resolution of objects such as faces in view, letting installers verify that requirements for identification are being met.

This intelligent approach to IP surveillance offers an ideal security measure where facial features need to be captured for identification but where a conventional camera might be not be ideal such as service stations, small business receptions, shops and public transport terminals.

Published on March 30th, 2012 by Emily

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